Conversations with the little person

(Found this lying in the Drafts, from Dec 2014 apparently. Dammit, I miss this baby-talk and the baby! He’s growing up so fast and talking nine to the dozen these days.)


Lunch time. Son is watching some trucks hauling mud/stones in a nearby construction site.
Son: Amma! Baby dive matti lolly (drive lorry carrying mud).
Me:, baby can’t drive yet. You need a license to drive, baby!
Son: Pease Amma. Baby dive. (Please Amma. Baby drive.)
Me: If you drive without a license, the police will come and catch you. You know what they’ll do right, the police?
Son: (Eyes wide open, eyebrows raised, in a loud whisper): Thaim-outh! (timeout!)

I have a good reason…

…for my absence.

I’m now in a new job. The work hours are tough and the boss is a taskmaster with no sense of night or day. The little time I get for myself is spent on recovering lost sleep and I barely find time to check my personal email account(s). Hence the blog finds itself in cobwebs and general ruin.

I don’t know when I can repair this.

If you really care that much about this blog, please talk to my boss and ask him if he can grant me a little bit of personal time every day so I can get back to normal routines.

Here’s his pic, so you can do the needful –


P.S: Yep, that’s my son,Vivan, at around 7 weeks. I’ve imagined writing a post announcing his arrival a million times in my head, these last 9 years. That post is finally here.