Back from the dead. For now, that is.

First things first –


Good. We got that out of the way now.

Well, hello! I’m probably the only one still reading my blog (to be honest, even I don’t read it that much! Sob story. Don’t ask.), so hello to me. It’s been a really long while since I did this and the typos and backspacing have increased many fold. The cobwebs on my blog and in the creative areas of my brain (if aforementioned areas and said brain do exist) are slowly clearing up. I’m back to reading blogs, which is a good thing. And since the blues have hit me especially hard today, I thought – what the hell, let me put up a post today for a change.

I realize you (rather, me, since I’m the only one reading!) didn’t quite ask for this, but I’m gonna give it to you anyway – a quick recap since the time we blog-died and have now risen from the dead –

1. I still haven’t got a life, so to speak. If you ever meet me in real life, you’re forbidden to ask me how my day was or what I did over the weekend. It’s like asking a guy with a broken leg if he ran a marathon.

2. I haven’t let go of my books. Yet. That’s probably the only thing that’s left me sane till now. Read some good ones, some so-so ones and not many bad ones. Actually, there were no completely bad ones. It helps that I still believe there’s no category of ‘books that should never have been written’ – to reiterate, it’s like saying some races should never be born.

3. I’m trying to get back into reviewing the little I read. It’s difficult, since it’s been a while. So I’m now forcing myself to do it by joining the wonderful people on Bookreviews – do yourselves a favor and check it out. They review all sorts of books and I find a new book almost everyday! And the reviews are not like mine – they’re actually good! [My husband doesn’t know about the books yet. I think I need to go back to ‘smuggling’ books home. My book budget isn’t what it used to be. Again, sob story. Don’t ask.]

4. There’s a big wedding coming up in the family. Which obviously means getting back in shape. And shopping. Oh, the shopping!

5. I still haven’t lost the habit of writing in points. (Or in brackets. [And nested brackets].)

6. I obviously still hate Mondays. Enough to rise from the dead and do a Monday post.

7. I’m hooked to Twitter. At this rate, very soon, I’ll have to look for a Twitter De-Addiction center. [Hello, I’m Priya. I’m a Twitter-addict. I need help.] <insert plug telling people about Twitter handle, @priya_arun >

8. I haven’t been to a cinema theater and watched a movie in a month now (last I saw was Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya). Probably the longest. And I don’t miss it one bit. Is it just me or all the movies just plain crap these days?

9. I’ve discovered that I actually like salads. Without the lettuce. And I haven’t touched chocolate or pizza in 3.5 months. I don’t miss it. Yet. Today.

10. I need a new blog template. I still seem to be carrying around a Christmas-y one. It’s May. Too early for Christmas, no? While we’re on May, it’s effing hot in Hyderabad. And humid! Since when did Hyderabad get so humid?! Time to actually move to Timbuktoo.

Enough torture for one post. Please to leave a word in the comment-space so I know there’s at least one other person reading this blog!