Wondering where I vanished to? Even if you didn’t, I’m going to give you the pleasure of knowing anyway.

Believe it or not, I was waiting for a creative bolt of thunder to hit my severely-blogger’s-block-affected brain and give me one good line to ring in my 300th post on Thought Process. Yes, yes, that’s the big three oh oh.

The thunder gods (not to mention the gods of creativity) aren’t in the mood apparently.

So here it is. My 300th post. Nonsense as usual. But look for the teensy weensy tag on this post that reads ‘milestones’, for this is how far I have come.


From posting everyday to posting once a month to posting once in a blue moon.

From writing mundane, absolutely boring things to writing moderately boring things to writing nothing at all for the last few months.

From Yahoo 360 to Blogger to WordPress.

From November, 2005 to October, 2009.

Here’s to many more of the moderately boring and a lot less of the absolutely boring. 

Boring or not, here’s to more posting on TP.

And to you all, dearly beloveds, thank you for sticking by TP for this long.  Through all the different kinds of nonsense and some-sense that I’ve been churning out and more importantly, through all these dormant months. And a bigger thank you for dropping by now, at the right time! 🙂

Monday blues and book review programming will start shortly. You can also expect some profound philosophical posts (yes yes, bear with me) as I try to come to terms with the curveballs that life throws our way once in a while.  I’ll have mercy on you nice people and try to keep it short – keyword in this sentence being ‘try’.

So long! And thanks for all the fish!

To write or not to write

Something’s wrong with me.

There, I said it. A lot of you must have been thinking the same ever since you set mouse on my blog, I know. But why am I realizing it so late? Because November 8th was my blog’s second birthday and I knowingly missed it because I was too lazy to write anything up. Not that I’m tired of milestones (definitely not that, ‘coz I so totally am not!), but something’s happening around me that just doesn’t want me to write. So what do I do? Analyze what makes me write and what makes me feel like tearing up this blog if I could –

What makes me write –

– Impending deadlines at work which will cost me my job if I slipped
– Lots of work at home which needs to be taken care of
– Absolutely nothing interesting happening around me
– Lack of motivation
– A broadband connection that refuses to work when most needed
– When there is no electricity at home and the emergency lamp doesn’t work
– When there is no electricity at home, the emergency lamp doesn’t work, I’m out of candles and the laptop’s battery is dying

What makes me not write –

– No or less work at work
– No or less work at home
– Basically just lots of free time on my hands
– Things happen, like blog birthdays and Diwali
– Friends, colleagues and blog-readers ‘requesting’ me to write
– I sit in front of the laptop, notepad open, fingers poised to type out my magnum opus
– New movies are released which I would love to rip apart without even seeing just because it has Shahrukh Khan looking like an 80yr old man with a 6 pack abs.

See what I mean? Now do I dare give you all false hopes that I will scribble something less nonsensical next time?

Something’s wrong with me.

P.S: Other Me says ‘Hey!’. Other Me also says if I don’t write anything on Prose and Verse soon, she’ll kick my backside to oblivion and take over my life completely. I have to admit, I’m tempted to have someone takeover my life.

P.P.S: Happy Second Birthday, Thought Process! Wish you many more such milestons, and may you bring lots of fame and money to your blog author.

Me, myself and you

Scene: Me is sitting staring the the ‘Compose’ window, not typing a word. Other-Me is yapping non-stop somewhere in the vicinity of the brain. Other-Me’s voice sounds strangely familiar. The sarcasm is definitely familiar.

Other Me: So, write something fantabulously awesome that’ll shake the entire blogosphere and bring them all to your blog-step!

Me: Oh yeah? Like what?

Other Me: I don’t know! But something really really cool.

Me: Ice?

Other Me: Funny?

Me: (dejected) No. But it’s irritating when you have to convey something really huge and you don’t find the words!

Other Me: No words at all, eh?

Me: Nope. Nothing. Zero. Zilch. Nada. No. Shoonya. Poojyam. Sunna..

Other Me: Ok ok, don’t go all polyglot-ic on me. How about google-ing for an image. It is equal to a thousand words you know.

Me: You think I didn’t do that already, you knucklehead? Why don’t you just shut the heck up for a while and let me think?

Other-Me: Oh, but I can’t shut up. You know I can’t. You can’t shut up! How can I? Maybe you should just let me do the writing. Like you always do. *smirk*

Me: WHAT??!! HOW DARE YOU insinuate that I pass off your work as mine? How dare you, you..you cheater, pumpkin-eater?

Other-Me: Fine, fine. It’s all your work. Now get to the work at hand. Write something good. But sweetheart, pumpkin-eater? Seriously? That’s all you could come up with?

Me: *through gritted teeth* I will not swear or name-call on this blog, so shut it.

Other-Me: Oh right. Forgot. Did you wash the blog with turmeric and apply kumkum on it today? How about actually using that coconut you bought 2 weeks back? Can I get some camphor?

Me: Leave me alone!!!!!!!!!!!

Other-Me: Can’t.

Me: Can too.

Other-Me: Can too not.

Me: You mean ‘cannot’?

Other-Me: Whatever. *long series of beeps that can’t be typed on a public domain*

Me: Ok!! No point resisting you. Give me one good idea and I swear I’ll treat you like an equal.

Other-Me: God promise? You will?

Me: I will. *fingers crossed behind back – loophole for the promise*

Other-Me: You do realize I can know that you intend to cheat, right?

Me: *giving up* Fine fine fine! Tell me.

Other-Me: Considering the dire straits you’re in, and considering the fact that your mental health is my mental health and considering the fact that I do owe you one from long time ago and considering…

Me: You know, I would like to publish a post on this blog at least before 2080 so…

Other-Me: *Dont-push-your-luck-too-far-or-I’ll-have-to-kill-you look* considering the very obvious fact that your writing skills are fast drying up, I will give you one piece of advice.

Me: Which is?

Other-Me: Just say it.

Me: Er, what?

Other-Me: No big hungama, no party-ish shouting, no fancy pictures from Google, nothing. Just say it. Those few words. Say it.

Me: *bewildered*

Other-Me: What? You got a better idea, chum?

Me: No. This is it.

Other-Me: Then go! Now! Before they all leave. Go!!

So, Me is writing the following in the ‘Compose’ window and hitting ‘Publish’ –

This is my 200th post. I’m happy for me! (going ‘YAY!!’). Thank you, my silent and not-so-silent readers, who put up with everything that I post here and who actually come back (God bless you!) and say nice things about what I write. It’s easy to say that I write only for myself yada yada yada, but the honest truth is, after a point, it gets really lonely writing just for yourself (and the occasional spammer advertising engine oil). It could be no big deal for you leaving a comment, but if you’re also a blogger you’ll know it’s a huge deal to see a comment on something you felt about and penned. And if I’m still here, still writing, still yappin’, it’s because of you. Yes you, right there, reading this line. 🙂 Thank you. You’ve been great, and I do hope I can keep you interested in Thought Process, at least for a little while longer. And I’ll sincerely try not to get this mushy again. But maybe for my 300th post, no? 🙂

Other-Me: See? That wasn’t so bad after all, was it?

Me: *relieved* So now I have to treat you like an equal?

Other-Me: *strutting about proudly inside head* You bet, lady!

Me: In your dreams, you nut! *wicked grin*

Other-Me: Hey!! That’s not…

Other-Me’s voice fades out. Enter Bryan Adams with ‘Summer of 69’.

P.S: 200! Two hundred! 2 followed by 2 whole zeroes. Yippie! Woohoo!!! I did it! I lasted this long! *goes away imagining Oscar statuette in hand, acceptance speech in mind*

100 not out

Do not think, ‘Oh, why does she boast?’
Writing was something I’ve wanted to do most,
So, went the whole hog,
And got myself a blog –
Welcome, people, to my one hundredth post!

I did it! No big deal in a cosmic sense, but for little earth people like me – sure made my day to see that magical 3 digit number on my blog. Is it weird that it feels like an achievement of sorts? Maybe because it amazes me that I was (am?) committed to the blogging cause for so long – I rarely do that, you know.

What started as a trivial thing I did to get over my homesickness when I was in the US has now, to put it mildly, become a part of my life. It does sound lame (ofcourse it is lame – it’s a blog, for godsakes!), but then, there isn’t much avenue to do something creative in my profession, so this is how I make it up. I’m glad I didnt take up writing full time though – would have been a disaster – I cannot imagine doing this for my daily idli (not a big fan of bread, so…)!

Seems such a long way from the ’50 not out’, but here I am! 🙂


So..here’s to me and my blog! 🙂 Yes, I can be this self-centered at times – actually, most times. I was born this way.

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