Learning to ride a bicycle – Calvin way!

It’s been more than 2.5 years since I first posted this Calvin n Hobbes piece on this blog and it’s still the most read post (yep, as of today)! Enough reason to re-post it.

Opinions on what this says about my other blog posts will not be entertained in a friendly manner.



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Absolute nothingness

Why WordPress is not so bad – (an actual error message when I was trying to refresh the Dashboard)


Why Windows is crazy – (an actual error message when I was just sitting in front of the laptop that runs on Windows XP)


And here’s something for you since I’m out of ideas for today. Give me a witty Calvinesque one-liner for the picture below –


What do you get out of it? In short, nothing. C’mon, be a sport, let your imaginations run wild. Who knows, you could be the next Bill Watterson!

In other news, Prose and Verse is finally updated after God knows how long!

A letter from Santa

Found C n H treasure on the internet. Not going to divulge it to anyone. MUAHAHAHA!!!

Source: Internet (but, ofcourse!)

Note: Don’t ruin your eyesight (or what’s left of it) trying to read from the image – that’s just namesake (uppuku chappani types). All the text in the image is given below. You’re welcome. 😉

A letter from Santa

My hands were all shaky,
My face had gone pale.
A letter from Santa
Just arrived in the mail!

It was hand-written
In old-fashioned ink pen.
It was handsomely printed
And dated twelve ten.

“Dear Calvin,” it said,
“I’m writing because
This year I’ve repealed
My ‘Naughty/Nice’ laws.”

“So now, I urge you:
Be vulgar and crude!
I LIKE it when children
Are boorish and rude!”

“Burp at the table!
Gargle your peas!
Never say ‘thank you’,
‘you’re welcome’ or ‘please’.”

“Talk back to your mother!
Don’t do as you’re told!
Stick your tongue out
At your dad if he scolds!”

“Drive everyone crazy,
I really don’t care!
Act like a jerk,
Anytime, anywhere!”

“I’m changing the rules!
The BAD girls and boys
Will be, from now on,
The ones who get toys!”

“Good little kids make
Me sick, it’s no joke.
Sincerely, signed Santa.”.
..And then I awoke.

I hate being good
(or trying to fake it).
Six days until Christmas!
I don’t think I’ll make it.

Homicidal Psycho Jungle Cat

Had the best Sunday ever! Well, if you exclude the sermon at church (it was a sermon in the true sense – all of 1.5 hours!), it was the best Sunday in a long long time. And the reason is ‘Homicidal Psycho Jungle Cat’. And what the heck is that? **wicked smile** You’ll see…


What you see above is a dream come true. Yep, my very own Calvin and Hobbes tome with two complimentary Jujube sticks!

Been postponing a trip to the bookseller for eternity (I know! That’s so pathetic!) . Went yesterday and blew a thousand bucks on books. It was totally worth it, though. And when we were paying the bill, Hubby Dear found these cute jujube things and picked that up (along with some mint – I hate mint! It’s like eating toothpaste!!).

Came home, bugged him to take some pics so I can show-off here in front of you guys. Yes, I’m a meanie, so? You’re just jealous, so I don’t care. 😉


And then spent an hour reading it and laughing my head off. The jujubes were yummy too.


So…that’s one down, a million more to go. I intend to own every book of Calvin n Hobbes ever published. Even if it means me working for 2 years more than I intend to – the books are not that cheap, you know. I blew around 500 bucks for this one. I was not so sure about it, but Arun was totally for it and said, ‘If you dont take it, I will. Later don’t complain you’ve read them already.’. He’s so sweet, isn’t he? **blush blush**


I actually thought of takin’ the day off and sitting at home to read this one. But had to come to finish some important work @ work. 😦 Some things in life don’t change – like Mondays.

I got one more jujube stick at home, for tonight. 🙂

Photographs courtesy: Husband (Thaaaaaaaaaaaaanks honey!) 🙂

What’s a pronoun?

I couldn’t resist posting this – read it in the newspaper today and it’s been on my mind ever since. Around 5 people have already asked me why I suddenly start laughing. I said ‘Nothing’, but I know they don’t believe me. It’s that look you give when you see a nut.


Like I said, I saw this in the paper today (The Hindu, Metro Plus supplement) and I first thought of just putting the dialogues without the image. Then I thought I’d try my luck with Google – searched for ‘Calvin pronoun’ and this was the third search result. I think Google can read minds.

One click led to another and I found a treasure trove of such strips!! So…


Say hello to Moe everyone – this is his first time on my blog. Moe is the prototypical bully character in Calvin & Hobbes, “a six-year-old who shaves” who is always shoving Calvin against walls, demanding his lunch money and calling him “Twinky”. Moe is the only regular character who speaks in an unusual font: his (frequently monosyllabic) dialogue is shown in crude, lower-case letters. Watterson describes Moe as “every jerk I’ve ever known”. (Source: Wikipedia )

I like the name ‘Twinky’ – LOL!


Now where did that bread go after all?! Weird!

Image Source: Internet