Hello! Thanks for visiting TP! I started this blog when I was traveling on work, away from my family. In 2005. Yes, I’m that old. Life went on. The blog was updated religiously and comments were responded to at lightning speed. And then sometime around 2012, a miracle happened. A long-awaited little miracle that changed my world and put everything in perspective. This would explain those extended periods of inactivity on the blog. Or it could just be laziness. Hopefully, it’s temporary and not fatal. Well, life is settling down to a fixed routine now, thanks to this wonderful thing called full-day school and if ‘routine’ sounds boring, clearly, you haven’t been around children and/or you are a child yourself. We can kill for routine, trust me. There will be some bursts of activity, when I wake up and realize the blog is full of cobwebs. Let’s just hope we have more of those and less of the laziness. One can only hope, though.

So there. That’s about the person writing the blog. The blog itself has undergone a lot of changes since 2005. I’d like to think I’ve improved, grown, matured, etc. I probably also lost some sanity somewhere in between, but that’s ok. I’m still good to go for another 10-15 years.

If this was not entertaining enough, do check out my attempts at being creative @ Prose and Verse. The ‘About’ page there is not as much of a ramble as this one, and yes, thank God for small mercies.

Finally, if you’re looking to copy or lift material from here without my permission and/or without credits to me, thanks for the attention but please feel free to get lost. I’m not even going to act nice to you. And of course, you will hear from my lawyer even if you go hide in Timbuktoo. And stop snickering, I do have a lawyer.

If not the Comments’ space, I can also be reached at thotprocess {at} gmail {dot} com.

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31 thoughts on “About

  1. Ooh! This is going to take some getting used to. I love this place. It’s like entering a brand new shopping store for the first time.
    I’d better update my blogroll.
    I don’t have a Hobbes stuffed toy (but I do want one ever so badly)
    I do however, have three lovely Calvin and Hobbes T shirts.

    You’d never get them in Hyderabad. Pity you left Bangalore.


  2. You think so too? I felt like it was some new swanky showroom too! 🙂 talk about great people thinking alike 😉

    And hey, I never left Bangalore. Never even got there to begin with. Hyd rules!!


  3. Hi Priya,

    I have been to your blog couple of times before but never managed to leave a comment. I love the new look of it, but your old one was just as wonderful. I think the reason that makes me come back to read your blog is because it is so refreshing, you always put a smile on my face with your posts 🙂 Pls keep them coming.



  4. *takes a bow* Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    Nav – 🙂 Glad you found this worth coming back to. Means a lot!

    Princess – Did that apple pie I sent flying to Bangalore find its target? 😉 Well, I was aiming at your dining table (to do a neat touchdown, and have a fork and knife appear miraculously beside it), but don’t be mad if it finds your face instead ok? It’s apple pie. It can land anywhere, no?


  5. Much honored! and you’re the first one (ok, fine..second one) to say you like my book reviews. I personally cannot stand them one bit (could be because my benchmark are those reviews one reads in the Literary Review in The Hindu Sunday editions) so thank you! 🙂


  6. Hi Priya,
    Like your blog ! writing style is O.K. , overall just a good time pass .
    Anyways ! I happen to surt on net and found your blog as rated among the best indian blogs on the wordpress.com ! Is it right ? How can you rate that … Is there any links from wordpress.com that supports this statement ?

    Sorry for asking so many questions in just one comment ! but I am really excited about the ratings of indian blogs . I wanna check mine too ! Please post the answers to my gmail address
    [ puneetgirdhar.iiit@gmail.com ] .

    Wishing a great success in future ..


  7. Thx, Puneet, for dropping by. My blog is rated among best indian blogs on wordpress?!!! Really?! 😀 I didnt know that. And I have no idea how the rating is done. But if my blog is up there, I’m not complainin’! 😉


  8. Hi Anoop! I think I vaguely remember reading your comments on Anish’s and Prasanth’s blogs.. 🙂 like you said, doesn’t matter! Thanks for dropping you and hope to see you around!


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  10. Hi Priya,

    After a looongggggg hiatus, i am back here….

    I wish You and all the people out here a very special “HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY”….


  11. Hi…amamzing blogs I must say!!..I would like to introduce you to a network called YouthPad.com…It is a citizen journalist website for the youth of Delhi NCR. Please join it and contribute with your ideas on contemporary issues.


  12. Hi Calvin,

    I am Zeeshan Farooqui from Bangalore.

    Myself and my co-author Mrs. Trupthi have penned down a book in the genre –
    office-college -humor fiction.

    I would like to know whether you would be interested to review our book, which is
    planned to be released in a couple of weeks.

    I wanted to make sure not to disturb you from your busy schedule and hence I wrote
    to you ahead.

    We would be extremely glad if you can review our book.

    Thanking you in anticipation of a reply.


    Zeeshan Farooqui

    Mob: 9019904215


  13. Hi Priya,
    Compliments are in order for such a wonderful blog. Some random loafing on the internet directed me here and i left feeling refreshed..I particularly enjoyed your Open letters. This is certainly going in my bookmarks right away.Keep blogging!


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  15. Oh! I’m still counting the miles of my IT rat race! I do wonder if this is ever going to lead me anywhere meaningful. But till the time my miracle happens I’m just telling myself, “miles to go before i sleep” 😉
    Loved your blog. Even at the risk if sounding cliched, your blog IS refreshing!
    Please karate chop the writers block and start hitting the keyboard pls !
    An undefined variable a.k.a Sonia

    Liked by 1 person

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