Note to self

It’s tough being a stay-at-home-mom of a toddler. When I say tough I mean a whole lot of other things which I cannot actually type out ‘coz then I’ll probably be judged the most terrible mother in the world. So I’ll just go with tough. Except the 2 hour nap that my son takes during the day, the rest of the time is spent with me actively engaged in conversations with him. He’s 1.5 years old. So obviously, we don’t talk about current affairs (I’m assuming discussing the ‘current affairs’ of how the house looks with his toys strewn all over the place doesn’t count) or the new Prime Minister/Chief Minister or the latest movies on the block or software development. We talk about books, yes, but it’s mostly me telling him not to tear up my treasured  Calvin and Hobbes that he’s somehow got his hands on or to pick up his alphabet book and show me L for Lion. There are good moments, definitely. But it’s also mostly child talk. There’s rarely any stimulus for MY brain.

 Ok, I’ll say it, it’s boring.

A lot of you have already judged me, this second. What?! She finds it boring to spend time with her one and only child? A little toddler who’s so full of new tricks and words and trying to discover the world around him? Hell, forget YOU judging me, I’ve already judged myself! But I can’t help it. I am bored. And I think it’s time I stopped beating myself up about it. It’s ok for a mother to be bored of spending ALL her  time with her child. Keyword being ALL.

Now, where am I going with this? I’m trying to change how I spend my time everyday. I’ve tried it a lot of times already, but it’s never worked as well as I would have wanted it to. Maybe if I put up my..well, resolutions, for want of a better word, up on the public domain, I’ll probably stick it to better than I have done previously. So, here’s what I’m going to do –

1. Blog. Yep, I know this space has been neglected for over a year now. It’s a good outlet for having normal adult conversations (even if it’s imaginary readers! Actually, I do it best with imaginary readers. They are such a hoot!) or at least write about things that do not involve are not always about my son or his routines or his antics or his food..well.. you get the picture.

2. Once in a while, pick my leisure over a chore. I’m bad at this. Right now, everything but my leisure gets the top priority. Laundry, tidying up, cooking, washing up – anything that doesn’t involve me putting my feet up. This is the one where I have failed over and over again. So yeah, HUGE note to self.

3. Pick up the Kindle instead of the smartphone. It’s like eating a healthy salad instead of that cholesterol-rich French fries that leaves you thirsty and also kills your appetite.

There are probably other things I should also be doing, but I’m going to take it slow. And if I don’t show any progress, smack me on my head the next time you see me. Or you can actually leave a smack in the comment space and I’ll ask my son to execute it on your behalf (please mention if it’s a hand-based smack or a plastic-cricket-bat based one. Son is well versed in the latter and finds it more fun, FYI.)

P.S: The last photo of my son on this blog was when he was a few weeks old. He’s 19 months old now. Here, see. And yes, this is the guy that I find boring to spend ALL my time with. Sue me.



5 thoughts on “Note to self

  1. Smack.
    Also, SMART goals, darling. How many posts per day/month? How many hours per day on Kindle? How many leisure activities per day?
    We can all do more, but we all need to measure.
    And again, Smack!

    * this is fun*

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  2. I hope you find it in yourself to work out a few hours everyday to do not chores but what you want. It is tough to be a stay at home person, more so to care for someone 24/7. The company, the conversation and the gossip is missing. Hugs and take care….

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