Review: Fracture

Fracture by Megan Miranda
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

In a lot of the best books I’ve read, there’s one main character that always ends up jolting me: Death. Same is true of ‘Fracture’. It’s about a girl who has a near fatal accident, but miraculously survives, despite severe brain damage. She seems perfectly normal, but deep down something has changed in her. She can sense when someone is dying.

I’m told this is the author’s debut novel. For a first-timer, Megan Miranda has got it mostly right. I personally found the young-adult part of the novel a tad ridiculous (refrain from making age-related comments about me here for your physical and mental well-being – warning!) but then, dude, I’m the one who also enjoyed Twilight (still do, actually. Ok enough.). So yeah, if you don’t mind the YA bit, you’ll probably give this book more stars than the 2 I’ve given.

The writing style was very engrossing and I didn’t feel like putting the book down. When I was leaving home for work today, I was at the 89% mark. So I actually came in to work and finished it while my e-mails and dashboards were loading up. Yep, that’s me. And it’s a very short read too, but what little it has, it makes an impact. I liked the central plot of the whole sensing-death thing, but all the juvenile stuff ended up being a distraction. At one point, I mentally smacked Delaney on her head when she was over-thinking Decker’s feelings for her. I mean, girl, you got death-sensing capabilities and all you can think of is who your crush is smooching?! Oh, c’mon.

Maybe if the blurb on Goodreads had given me a hint that it was YA, well, I would’ve still picked up the book but my expectations wouldn’t have been this high. No harm done still. Enjoyed the book during the good parts (mostly the second half) and glossed over the mush and senti. Pick it up if you don’t mind the YA-paranormal combo!

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