Review: Our Lady of Alice Bhatti

Our Lady of Alice Bhatti
Our Lady of Alice Bhatti by Mohammed Hanif
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is the first book of the author that I’m reading, so the style was a surprise. I’m still undecided on whether I liked the style or not though – in some places, it was very well written and in others, well.. I had to re-read some parts again because to figure out if it was the past, recent past, present or the recent future! I realize there’s something unique about it and a lot of authors these days do use similar narratives, but personally, I don’t enjoy it all that much. Mostly because it tends to divert me from the story and ends up highlighting the technique – it’s like a person not being able to enjoy the ride because he/she is concentrating too much on the actual driving! (Poor analogy, but you get my drift..)

I liked the plot and the characters, esp. Alice Bhatti and Noor – I thought they were portrayed really well, even if a tad removed from reality.

Good read – something unique and different from what I’ve been reading for a while now and hence, a very refreshing change!

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6 thoughts on “Review: Our Lady of Alice Bhatti

  1. just going thru the experience of Mohammed Hanif’s second master piece rite now… since his debut with A Case of Exploding Mangoes ..i knew that i will get a chance to get some more tasty treats form this man…nice 2 c that u’ve been thru this roller coaster ride too..he has a strange way of presenting his thoughts, often psychedelic if i may say so….Anyways im loving it…. and one more thing i’m new to ur blog and not sure if u have gone thru some other gr8 stuff from Paki writers but i wud love 2 have ur take on ” THE RELUCTANT FUNDAMENTALIST”.. from wht i heard Mira Nair is doing a film adaptation of the novel..which i think is gr8…
    TC bye


    • I have read Mohsin Hamid’s The Reluctant Fundamentalist and really liked it! It was a short read compared to the books I normally pick up. And what I still remember now (I read it when the book was published, in 2007) is that this book gave me my first true glimpse of Pakistan. Our countries (India and Pak) are difficult neighbors, so it was a weird feeling for me to be reading about Pak and seeing a lot of similarities in how life is both sides of the border. Didn’t know about Mira Nair’s movie though – hearing it now from you.


      • thank u 4 replying…:)…and yeah Mira is making a movie…with quite a starry cast…actually u can see it on imdb …

        actually im rather new to ur blog that”s y i referred to books which i was not sure u had read earlier…and on the same context is another one..:) Blasphemy..from tehmina durrani… im sure u know of her from My Feudal lord…i wonder wht she is upto now cuz its been a long time since she has written anything solid…particularly after her (in)famous marriage to our Punjab CM Shahbaz Sharief…



      • I have read Durrani’s ‘Blasphemy’ too. It was very disturbing. There’s another book of a similar nature (life of Muslim women in a male-dominated society) by an Indian author – ‘The hour past midnight’, by Salma. It’s actually a translation in English of the original written in a South Indian language, Tamil. I found a lot of similarities here too, which leads me to believe we’re culturally more alike than different. Another reason why I love books – easiest and cheapest way to travel! 🙂


  2. well now i will stop suggesting anymore books..;) u seem to have been thru my library..which is scary…:)… anyways Hour past midnight..i guess i will have to go thru draw the comparison..because as u rightly pointed out.. Blasphemy was very disturbing .- there was time where while reading it i literally had to put the book down and calm my nerves for carrying on…

    TC and happy reading !!!


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