Murder in the Office Cafeteria

Hyderabad: Guthi Vankaya, a quintessential Andhra dish, was murdered in cold blood in the Office Cafeteria today. The little Vankayas were found swimming in a bain marie of yellow curry, with no salt or chilli for company. Cafeteria goers say it is possible that they died of drowning, over-cooking and less seasoning.

The time of death is said to be around 9:00 AM local time. The murdered dish was carried into the Cafeteria at around 11:00 AM, with a clear aim of disposing it off on unsuspecting lunch-eaters. This reporter noticed that the perpetrators, who work for the Catering Company, were still serving the dish when she went to have lunch. It is not known how many people were involved in this atrocious deed. Cafeteria officials refused to comment on the matter.

The murder has caused untold misery to the Guthi Vankaya fans in the Office. They feel they were cheated out of a heavenly experience of having Guthi Vankaya with hot rice and blame the Cafeteria officials for not providing enough security to the Guthi Vankaya. Staunch supporters of the ‘Make good Guthi Vankaya’ foundation plan to stage a rasta roko in the city to protest against this heinous act. They also plan to resurrect the actual Guthi Vankaya to show Cafeteria officials and Catering Company the beauty of the dish so they can prevent more murders of the darling dish.

‘Some’ political parties are providing support to these agitations and demanding a separate state of Telangana, in view of the atrocities committed against Guthi Vankayas of the Telangana region. They are promising the gullible people that if a separate state if formed, they will ensure the Godavari river will flow in Hyderabad, right next to Musi, so all the Vankayas produced in the region will be of good quality and the Guthi Vankaya will not be subjected to any further pain and torture.

Special Correspondent.


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