Review: The Oak Leaves

The Oak Leaves
The Oak Leaves by Maureen Lang
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

The story is about a mother’s discovery and eventual acceptance of the fact that her toddler son may be suffering from some extent of mental retardation due to a genetic disorder passed down to him by her. The Author’s note tell me it’s partly her story of her own son who’s afflicted. Poignant, yes. But somehow it’s all completely lost in this extremely amateurish attempt at putting it down in words.

The book was long by around half it’s current length! I mean, there’s only so much repetition a reader can take! The already wafer thin story is stretched out, like some chewed up chewing gum that gets stuck on your shoe and refuses to come away no matter how much you pull. Yeah, disgusting analogy, I know, but you get my drift. I skipped entire pages of one character trying to ‘convince’ the next of something or the other. And, oh, I’ve heard sermons that are less preachy than this book. Excuse me if I’m just another non-saint human being who, once in a while, does get mad at God for throwing all these curve-balls my way.

Insipid story, forgettable characters and boring narrative aside, some of the ideas/principles mentioned in the book are ones I’m strongly against. But I doubt if that biased me against the book, given how all that was discussed in the last 2-3 chapters of the book. I was already bored by then and just wanted to get through so I can close it and start my next.

Give it a miss. Unless you like the subject so much that you don’t mind reading a below par account of it.

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