Story of my life

(This is not a spam post. I blogged this. From beyond the grave.)

Scene: The last 5 minutes of Twilight is on. When I say last I mean the laaast scene where everyone’s at the prom.

Hubby (watching me watch Twilight): “Who is this guy with the long hair?”

Me: “Who, Jacob Black?”

Hubby: “The guy with the long hair, whatever his name is.”

Me: “Bella’s friend. He becomes a werewolf in Part 2”

Hubby: “What do you mean BECOMES a werewolf? He’s not one now?”

Me (still patient): “Well not really, his clan is descended from werewolves and he will BECOME one if there are too many vampires in the neighborhood.”

Hubby: “Clan descended aa? Ok.”

Hubby: “He doesn’t like vampires?”

Me: “Werewolves are sworn enemies of vampires.”

Hubby: “And this girl likes both the wolf and the vampire?”

Me (losing patience): Yes!

<10 second pause>

Hubby: “How can a human being BECOME a werewolf?”


Hubby (smug smile on his face): “Ok.”


Also, #FML.



P.S: Way too active on Twitter. Way too dead on the blog. Way too big ‘get a life’ poster on my forehead.


11 thoughts on “Story of my life

  1. Firefox is the recommended browser for Heaven.

    And IE is available only in Hell. As an instrument of torture.

    Oh, Google is blocked btw, ‘coz people kept trying to search for ways back to Earth.


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