Story of my life

(This is not a spam post. I blogged this. From beyond the grave.)

Scene: The last 5 minutes of Twilight is on. When I say last I mean the laaast scene where everyone’s at the prom.

Hubby (watching me watch Twilight): “Who is this guy with the long hair?”

Me: “Who, Jacob Black?”

Hubby: “The guy with the long hair, whatever his name is.”

Me: “Bella’s friend. He becomes a werewolf in Part 2”

Hubby: “What do you mean BECOMES a werewolf? He’s not one now?”

Me (still patient): “Well not really, his clan is descended from werewolves and he will BECOME one if there are too many vampires in the neighborhood.”

Hubby: “Clan descended aa? Ok.”

Hubby: “He doesn’t like vampires?”

Me: “Werewolves are sworn enemies of vampires.”

Hubby: “And this girl likes both the wolf and the vampire?”

Me (losing patience): Yes!

<10 second pause>

Hubby: “How can a human being BECOME a werewolf?”


Hubby (smug smile on his face): “Ok.”


Also, #FML.



P.S: Way too active on Twitter. Way too dead on the blog. Way too big ‘get a life’ poster on my forehead.