Resistentialism. Yes. Again.

My little toe is broken. Well, maybe not broken broken. Hairline fracture, me thinks. I can’t bend it (yeah, toes can be bent – try it) and I can’t rest the foot fully. You know how it is, we’ve all broken our toes at some point in our lives no? No? Oh shut up.

So I now have proof that I’m not imagining it, that resistentialism does exist. Even if the WordPress dictionary shows a squiggly red line below the word (FYI, WordPress: ‘WordPress’ also has a red squiggle beneath it.). And it’s just gotten worse. Earlier, it was just the things at home. You know, kitchen knife, the chair and bed, the door, etc. But now, it has progressed to the great outdoors. Where? The supermarket, that’s where.

The trolleys? Not as innocent as they seem. Their teeny little wheels are actually weapons of toe destruction. When you think they’re helping by getting the trolley around the different alleys, they are in fact plotting and scheming on how to inflict maximum pain to the little human toe. My little toe.

So the next time you’re in the supermarket, watch out for the buggers.

A broken toe hurts. More than you can imagine.


11 thoughts on “Resistentialism. Yes. Again.

  1. WordPress dictionary?

    Cool link. After 3 years, it’s still so funny to think about your 32 + 32 vote poll :))

    And the toe. Take care ok? I’ve heard little wounds like that could slowly become septic inside and lead to removal of the foot.


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