Thought processes

Given that I have nothing interesting to write about, I’ll do the next best thing – write completely uninteresting useless things. If I can waste some precious minutes of my life, it’s only fair that the rest of the world does too.

Most human beings, with the exception of certain specimens who I know to have nothing but clay on the top part of their anatomy, have brains. Inside this amazing organ are little thought processes that sometimes can become one huge thought process finally dissipating away to just a thought or one huge thought process that manifests itself as a related action with serious (or radioactive, as the case may be) repurcussions to the sustained well-being of this planet.

If you understood the last sentence, tell me. If you didn’t, well, that’s two of us.

This is how a typical ‘thought’ progresses in yours truly’s brain (enough proof that I have one and it’s in somewhat good condition) –

“Is that my phone ringing? No, my phone is right here and I don’t see it ring. Cool, I have a Nokia 5800. But I spent 19k on this! The horror! Especially when Dad had a similar one that we wanted to give to me! What would Dad be doing now? Office, ofcourse. Wonder what it feels like to be GM/IC. All that travel! I wish he slows down a bit. Mom would certainly be happy. That reminds me, gotta watch ‘Thirumathi Selvam’ and ‘Mogali Rekulu’ today – Friday is when the story actually moves forward. Stupid fellows changed the actor for Selvaswamy, I liked the first one better. Should ask Grandma if she’s still onto that ‘Jai Shri Krishna’ horror that’s on at 7 – will the real Lord Krishna please stand up and smack the ‘Little Krishna’ on this show? We can’t even make out what language he’s speaking in!  Whatever happened to the Abhi female on Kolangal – the serial’s been on for so long, she actually had a kid in between. I miss eating dinner to the sound of Tamil serials. Wonder what Mom made for dinner today, should call up and ask her. Nokia 5800. 19k. All because of my husband. Convinced me that I deserve a new phone atleast once in my life. Which reminds me, I should never take the phones my BIL gives out when he comes home. There’s a reason why he’s giving it away!!! D’uh me is too thrilled to care and then it serves me right. That Samsung phone was a nightmare. But the Samsung TV is good – remind me not to tell my husband that, given that I fought tooth and nail to not buy the TV and instead ‘invest’ the money. ~eyes wander and land on the bottom right corner of the screen~ 6:12pm on a Friday evening. And here I am safe in office, waiting to be taken home. What a life! I should get back to Umberto Eco. “

If you think you had a tough time reading that, imagine me – thinking all that! No wonder I’m losing it.

Goodnight. Peace be with you.



P.S: Please feel free to consider a Monday-blues post. I seem to live in a parallel universe where Friday is Monday. And Monday is still Monday.