Oh, what shall I update on thee, Thotprocess!

Seriously, I have no clue. All I know is if I don’t update, then the sky will fall on my head and crush me – thereby ending my life (rather, what’s left of it). Although I can show you atleast a 1000 people who would gladly have it that way, I still am important to this bunch of folks called family and friends. For their sake, I shall update this blog.

Easier said than done. So I use some photos to ‘inspire’ meself. What photos? Ofcourse the ones I took when I went to UK! Duh, don’t you know me at all?!!

In no particular order –

Whitby Abbey, England
Whitby Abbey, England

This one’s the spooky abbey at Whitby, England. Remember Whitby? The place in England were Count Dracula landed? No? You didn’t read Bram Stoker’s Dracula? Shame on you. Go away.

Next one is something we read about in textbooks. Say hello to the Prime Meridian of the world, at Greenwich, England –


It’s found at the Royal Observatory, in Greenwich which true to what I read in my textbooks, is a small village type place with cobbled streets and little cafes and a big McDonalds right outside the tube station (Cutty Sark, if you wondered). They also have a maritime museum there and it was pretty awesome to see how maritime navigation and the equipments have evolved over time. Pity I wasn’t the sea-faring kind of person.

Next in the list of inspiring photos is the Diana-Dodi Memorial in London.  With the wine glass that she used and the diamond ring that he gave to her. Who would dare build a memorial linking the late Princess to Dodi Al-Fayed, that too in London?


Dodi Al-Fayed’s dad, ofcourse. It helps if you’re filthy rich and own Harrods by the way. Again, pity I wasn’t the shopaholic kind of person. Neither was I rolling in money. So I just convinced myself that Harrods was actually a museum that shows how rich people live and what sort of linen and cutlery and fancy items they own. Helped.

Up next, Trafalgar Square, London. With the frozen fountain.


This photo me took. Yay me. (One of the few times one was trusted with the brand new camera by the camera’s custodian and sworn protector.)

And so we bid adieu to England and enter Scotland. Oh, did I not mention I’d been to Scotland? 🙂


The photo above is a view of Edinburgh city from the Edinburgh castle. Fantastically beautiful place, Scotland is. And the people were such a nice bunch (after the stiff-as-cardboard English peeps) and full of humor – their sole aim in life seemed to be having maximum fun with maximum scotch whiskey. Good aim in life, I should say.


Above photo me took! View from cannon hole of the castle.


We took a tour to the Scottish Highlands (the mountains to the north) and the journey was amazing. The rolling moutains, some with snowy caps and the famous Highland cows! (The Scots call it ‘Haidy Coo’ – for hairy cow). One of a kind trip – don’t ever pass up on it if you get a chance. Totally worth visiting.

And now for the very famous, Loch Ness. Loch is Scottish for Lake and Ness is the name of the lake. The monster living in this lake, therefore, is Nessie! How cute. (Picture below taken on a cruise on Loch Ness, trying to spot Nessie). There’s also a Loch Oich (the ‘ch’ is pronounced as ‘kh’, with a German-y twist to it) and the monster in this one is Oichy! Weirdly enough, there’s also Loch Lochy which in English would be Lake Lakey! (Info courtesy our tour guide.)


They have lots of other lakes, all the way up to Inverness. The tour guide (also our bus driver) was this really fun guy, 100% Scottish and full of that typical Scottish perspective on anything in life and I think one of the reasons why that trip ended up being so good was because of his commentary. His knowledge of Scottish history was astounding and thoroughly interesting. You gotta be there to believe it!

And now we say tata to the UK and enter France! Well, it’s just Paris actually and this small village on the outskirts called Avon Fontainebleau – but hey, I’ve been to France now, so I’ll just say France, thank you very much.


Pardon the picture quality, but it was taken from a moving cruise-boat on the Seine during those 10 minutes when the Eiffel is all glittery glitter. Happens every top of the hour apparently and we were fortunate enough to catch it when we were very near it.


Like all tourists, we went up to the first and second landings on the tower for the absolutely picturesque view from the top. And the top-most landing (upto which tourists are allowed) has this information deck that points out the landmarks one is looking at in that direction, and the distance to the cities that come in our line of sight. How could I miss Hyderabad! Also note how Chennai is Madras and not Chennai 🙂


Up next is Basilique du Sacré-Cœur du Montmarte, Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Montmarte. Beautiful church, very traditional service (it was all French and we still sang along! Go figure) and well, beyond description actually. Worth the long ride on the tube from the city hub to this place.


On the way back from the basilica, we took a quick trip to what seemed to be a ultra-decorated shopping mall. Galeries Lafayette. The Harrods of Paris, in my opinion. My jaw dropped at the huge christmas tree in the centre of the mall – all of 4 stories high with the most christmasy decorations!


As always we couldn’t buy a thing ‘coz it was all so darn expensive. Well, another museum about the rich and famous, me thought.

Before we went around the usual tourist-y places in Paris, we did a quick run on Avon Fontainebleau to check out the castle used by the French kings and even Napolean. Huuuuuge castle, FYI!


Took us hours to get through all the rooms which they have maintained with all the royal furniture and furnishings so one can get a feel of royal life! The tapestries were of silk and the ceilings were embellished in gold. No wonder everyone wants to be a king!

Back to Paris and back to the big guns – Musee du Louvre (Mona Lisa, Mona Lisa and Mona Lisa), Cathedrale Notre Dame de Paris and ofcourse, Champs Elysees by night!


The Notre Dame cathedral –


And finally, the Champs Elysees –