Then and Now

A month back when I was in London, I yearned for a snowfall – well, mostly ‘coz I’ve never seen one (sad, I know – but I’m a South Indian, the only ice I see is in the freezer of my refrigerator). But no, the weather gods were not so merciful and gave me nice & sunny days (much to the joy of the locals who’ll do anything for a sunny day). So it used to be like this –



And you know what’s happening now? No? Well, the worst snow storm in 18 years, that’s what! So this is what it looks like now and I’m here in Hyderabad thinking why the heck I’m not there in London. Or why the heck doesn’t it snow like this in Hyderabad. Give me one good reason why and I don’t want the Equator and closer to the Sun crap, I need a better reason. Give.





10 thoughts on “Then and Now

  1. Hi,
    I live in London and had the worst snowfall πŸ™‚ The parks were full of ice, snow-mans and our garden was a gr8 sight….. (and it was my first time watching that much of snow)

    Good luck for catching snow at some point in future and until then keep seeing the ones in the freezer of the refrigerator [:)]

    Priya: No more luck at catchin snow..unless ofcourse it snows in Hyderabad – which is only if Hell froze over first.. 😦


  2. I love snowfall. Sitting near a window with a cup of hot tea and watching the snow fall is such a wonderful experience. I love it. Unfortunately, I live in a place where it snows once or twice a year and happens when I am at velai.

    Seri adhu eppadi you went to UK & France but not to Switzerland? anga poyirdha snow pathurkalam…atleast in Jungfraujoch

    Priya: Why throwing a spear in my boiled wound (yuck, whatay translation!).. we didn’t have time for Switzerland, so had to make do with Paris 😦


  3. Hi…amazing blogs I must say!!..I would like to introduce you to a network called…It is a citizen journalist website for the youth of Delhi NCR. Please join it and contribute with your ideas on contemporary issues., but I think I’ll pass πŸ™‚ I’m not into jounalism in any form..


  4. Back here after quite a long time πŸ™‚ Hope you’re doing good..well reason – Murphy yet again πŸ˜›


    Priya: Hey! long time.. yeah, Mr.Murphy definitely had a part to play in this.. he always does, in most things in my life 😐


  5. There there. It’s alright. You’ll have your chance to be frozen stiff someday. πŸ˜›

    Priya: I sure hope so, Princess :-(… hey, wait a minute! I wanted snow, I don’t wanna be frozen stiff! almost got me there.. ~goes away shaking head~


  6. Now if this isn’t just like life! We seem to be doing this in turns. First you, and then me. And then on to you, and back to me. Blogging, that is.

    Priya: 😦 true. when real life beckons, all else shall wait!


  7. hey i was born and have spent my childhood ther. i am now in india and like now have started liking snow a bit but trust me i use to hate it when i ws in london it use to be like i ll love it onli if ma skul getz shut for a day but d day use to get too dull and it use to seem as if the life has just gone away …….u ll jjust miss those green tress and chrping of birdz on d summer morning…….u ll onli like wen it has just snowed but after sum dayz it gets too dirty and u ll hate it and wud get realli tired of d weather……


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