On servers restarts, Ctrl+F, night-outs and impending doom

I think I can restart servers in my sleep. Some more days like this and I can code even when if I’m unconscious. Life has become this slug-fest, from one work-issue to another. I could rant on and bore you with it. And I will. Heh.

What the heck does the title mean? I thought you’d never ask!

Did I mention I’m drowning in work? No? Hmm, imagine that.  Well, FYI, I am. You know how much work I have? I’ll tell you –

– Mt.Everest is no longer the tallest mountain in the world. The pile of work on my head is.

– I look for Ctrl+F when I’m reading trying to read the morning newspaper. And no, The Hindu is not available in PDF format.

– My sleep times are so good, I’d put an owl to shame.

– My wake-up times are so good, I’d put the darn Sun to shame.

– I dream of ./opmnctl shutdown. (If you didn’t get that, well, good for you.)

(If you googled ./opmnctl shutdown, heh heh, gotcha!) (If you didn’t, you should. It’s pretty interesting.)

– I’ve typed Application and database passwords so often, I type them on my personal email account. welcome1 is not a very strong password. Even if it were, it sure is not mine.

– When people start off saying ‘Hey, did you watch this movie…’, I’ve already zoomed past into outer space thinking about the last time I was in a movie theatre. I was there last year. I still remember the popcorn. Well, kind of.

– Monday blues? Not really a problem now ‘coz every effing day is like a Monday.

– I haven’t had weekend plans in ages.

– I haven’t had weekend plans.

– I haven’t had weekends.

So, there ya go. That’s how much work I have. But like every dark stormy cloud has another storm brewing inside, this is only the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Remember the one that sunk the Titanic? Something like that, only bigger.

Do I dare say I’m back?

Oh, one good thing about this Mt.Everest-y work I have. Got another one for my book of profound sayings (contributions are still welcome. Credits will still not be given) –

“The only thing more scarier than an unresolved issue is an issue that gets resolved by itself.”

I do sincerely hope the above line doesn’t become part of the ‘famous last words’ category.