As normal as can be. On a Monday.

Well, hello.

If you wondered where I was, I have one word for ya – real life.  Ok, that’s two words. It’s a Monday.

Remember how if you don’t blog for a long while, you’ll have lots of things to say and catch up on? Yeah, no that doesn’t happen to me. I’m still stuck in a rut that’s my real life (read: work work and more work), and there was point in the last 1 month when I didn’t even want to look at my blog’s boomarked link. Not to mention other blogs where authors seem to have superhuman power to keep their blog updated and up-to-date AND live a real life. Me thinks they all live in some parallel universe where life is much more interesting and happening and basically more fun than it is here. That’s right, I blame you, Universe, for my unending misery. And, er, my un-updated blog.

Now that you’ve got my excuses for not blogging, let me get to the usual rant.

I think I’m losing my mind.

Correct that, I think I have already lost my mind.

Again, correct that – I know I have already lost my mind.

The other day, I was putting something into the refrigerator and when I was done, somehow the refrigerator door slipped from my hand and it banged shut. And I apologized. To the refrigerator. Seriously. I actually said ‘Sorry’. And then I stopped for a while and wondered why I was apologizing to an inanimate object. That is when it dawned on me that I have, indeed, gone bonkers.

In my defence, it banged shut really hard and the voltage stabilizer on the top shuddered. You know, if that refrigerator and the voltage stab could feel pain, they would’ve cried out loud. Oh, shut up.

And it’s only the refrigerator. I don’t do the same when I bump into furniture (which, FYI, is all the darn time). Bumping into furniture warrants 4 letter words that would make my ancestors squirm in their graves. Oh, but then…I just remembered, I did apologize to my toe once for bumping into the bed.

Yep, certified nut. That’s me.

If you feel you’re a nut too, tell me why. If you feel you’re not, you’re mistaken. You are. You just haven’t realized it yet. I wholeheartedly encourage you to find the nut that’s dormant in you.

Everyone is a nut. Nuttiness is the new Normal.


P.S: Oh that last line is so going into my Book of Profound Sayings. Contributions welcome. Credits will not be given.

P.P.S: Is it just me or does everyone face this weird (and highly annoying) problem where WordPress refuses to open up in under 30 minutes?

P.P.P.S: If you see this post in a smaller font,  blame WordPress. I have no clue how to set it right when none of the links in the editor show up! It’s like doing a blind publish! WTH!