Moron magnet

The event described below is based on a true story. The situation has definitely occured, but the following transcript happened more in my head than outside it. Add to that my exaggerating capabilities, this is what you get. This is to warn all future moron type persons who might bump into me and think about starting off a conversation like the following or very similar to it.

Moronic Person 1: Hey! where do you work, btw?

Me: XYZ company ~smile~

MP1: Oh, then you must be knowing my good friend A?

Me: Ofcourse! 50,000 employees and I know exactly whom you’re talkin’ about! Isn’t that the cross dresser on the 7th floor?

A shocked MP1: I think you’re mistaken ~embarassed half-smile~

Me: Mistaken? No way! I know for a fact A is who I think he is. Ask him.

MP1: No, actually…A is a girl.

Me: Well, d’oh! Cross dresser?!


~dust hands~ That’s one MP down, a gazillion more to go.

For the record, just because I work here doesn’t mean I know every single person who’s ever set foot in this office. So unless your friend is a celebrity or has done something really really weird (like crossdressing to work, yes), don’t ask me that question.

Is it just me or does this happen to everyone?

What’s the most stupidest d’oh question you’ve been asked?