Life’s lessons

We all know how life is one huge learning experience, at the end of which one graduates by dropping dead. And then, who knows, there’s more learning on the other side! (Yes, yes, I’ll add this to my book of profound saying, thanks for remembering)

I, for one, find things to learn every single day. The lessons I learn are not always useful though. Some are good, some are hopeless and most are very common-sensical. Sample some?

  1. I learnt that adding a wedge of Hershey’s Milk Chocolate into your mug of Nescafe coffee doesn’t make the coffee taste like the Mochas and Frappes they serve at Barista. The chocolate dissolves a little bit, but mostly sticks to the bottom of the mug and the rest of the particles rise up to float on the coffee. If it hadn’t been for the fact that I added the chocolate myself, I would never have known the coffee had chocolate!
  2. I learnt the secret behind weight-gain. See, it’s like this: first you eat something really spicy, so spicy that your throat is on fire. So now you feel like eating something sweet and you pop in a square of chocolate. But the darn chocolate is so cloyingly sweet, that you now feel like having something spicy. Remember the spicy thing you had first? Well, that spicy now feels like the right amount of spicy. So you eat it. Your throat is on fire again. You’re back to where you started from. Before you know it, you weigh 200 kgs and your doctor says there’s more cholestrol in your body than blood. Doomed.
  3. I learnt that when you leave voice mail to someone, you should address the person by name. So the person receiving the voice mail knows it’s for him/her. There is no ambiguity. Else, imagine if one fine day you get a voice mail from someone in Timbuktoo calling you to convey that your lost sheep was found wandering down Times Square. It was probably meant for some shepherd, but hey, it’s in your voicemail-box and the caller didn’t refer your name! So you have no clue if it was meant for you or not!
  4. I learnt that security in this country is a big farce. If one is alive today and not killed by a bomb blast, there are only two entities to thank: 1, God and 2, the terrorists. The week immediately succeeding a bomb blast sees a spurt in security checks and extra task forces being set up. A month down the line, we’re back to our complacent selves. Know what this means? The safest time to visit this country is immediately after a bomb blast. Rest of the days, keep out.
  5. I learnt that there are places in the UK where it’s bright and sunny for just 1 or 2 days a year! And people do live in such places! (Info courtesy: A contestant in BBC’s The Weakest Link)
  6. I learnt that after God, the only other omnipresent thing is dust.
  7. I learnt just now that WordPress doesn’t really allow me to have 1 line space between two bullet points – it’s either 2 lines or none at all. Sucks, yes.

This is just what I learnt in the last week.  And these are just things I learnt because I saw them happen around me. So imagine how much one can learn in a lifetime – given that one goes to school, then maybe a college and then a job, add a marriage/relationship and kids, a dozen trips to the hospital, a hundred vacations to new places and old,  20 million relatives/friends/strangers and the all-pervading internet. Miles to go before you sleep, people. Many more miles to go.

So what did you learn recently?

20 thoughts on “Life’s lessons

  1. There’s a place in England where you just need to step in wearing white. The skies can spot the color and immediately it begins to pour any time of the year. If you haven’t guessed yet, it’s called Lords!

    Hey no offence on the comment to the prev post.

    🙂 you were right, I didnt guess it! and no worries on the last comment..I was just kidding!


  2. I learnt that I cannot lose weight if I eat Mysorepaak and Rava Laddu everyday… 😥

    rava laddu? mysore pak? ~drool drool slurp slurp~ but you know the truth is, that they don’t tell us? You cannot lose weight. period. 😦


  3. I learnt that life can be pretty unpredictable at times! 🙂

    True, but isn’t that the whole point of being alive! 🙂 I think it’ll get pretty boring if everything in life is predictable.


  4. I learned that attempting to wake yourself up for a midnight appointment after you’ve stayed awake for twenty-one hours is foolhardy, to say the least.

    By the way,I have alternatives for your chocolate dilemma. (I’m assuming it’s instant coffee that you’re using.)

    1. Use Hershey’s chocolate syrup instead of solid chocolate,and add it to the coffee powder before you add the hot-water-milk. Keep stirring while you do that, and voilà!

    2. In case you don’t want to shell out for the liquid cocoa… Same procedure, but use a grater and shred the solid chocolate onto the coffee powder instead.

    Do tell us if it works out; I’m curious. 🙂 I have something to do over the weekend!! 🙂 yes, me will definitely try all this out.. oh btw, Hershey’s chocolate syrup costs a bomb here (for a syrup that is) ‘coz it is ‘imported’ apparently… and shredded chocolate sounds very very yummm…too yummm to make it into the coffee mug maybe 😉


  5. i learnt that girls also sight adichify 😛

    heh heh. What else did you expect? actually, sometimes, we girls do it more.. coz we know how not to blow it by shouting out the comments loud (like the guys do when sight adichufying).


  6. well i learnt that it’s not the best if u r sittin at work wit a hugeeeeeee hangover frm yest!!!!! u dont feel lik workin but only to bang ur head against the monitor wit ur eyes in near collision wit the keyboard!

    hmmm… sure your office won’t mind a broken monitor/keyboard? if they dont, go right ahead and knock yourself out! 🙂


  7. I learnt that you’d get plenty of post ideas you are least likely to have a comp in front of you and that you are as blank as the wordpress textarea when u sitting in front of your lappie.. Booo Hoooo Hoooo….

    I know exactly exactly exactly what you mean! Freaky, isn’t it?


  8. I learnt that you kinda like the place Timbaktoo a lot….You seem to mention that often…


    that’s coz Timbuktoo is good. To send crappy people to, that is. Far away, no one knows where.. difficult to find on radar.. I think it even has its down dictator type person..heh heh


  9. Life is a lesson .. And you learn it when you are through 😛

    I learnt that Farhan Akthar can sing, dance, play guitar, write, direct, act …. Sorry listening to Rock on does that to u !

    really.. 🙂 I’m not a big fan of Hindi songs, so I wouldn’t know that much..


  10. …to be in serious…i learnt tht “many hands in our country are waiting for my Hand to see the ground…”
    cud u guess wat i learnt??

    er.. you’re a Congress supporter and people are waiting to see them go down? 😕


  11. item#4. funny and totally makes sense 😉
    item#5. I know such a place in US too..its san francisco and i have been surviving here 🙂

    hey, I was in SF briefly 3-4 yrs back.. and it wasn’t so bleak..and my friends living there tell me it does get pretty warm in summer..


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