Quick question: What’s with this self-censorship for genuine opinions when it comes to blogging or posting comments on a blog? 

Is it just me imagining it or are some people just plain scared to call a spade a spade?

To hell with being ‘politically’ correct. You’re either correct or you’re not. 

Ok, why this sudden mini-rant? I’ve been browsing around some blogs and the posts/comment space is like the Holy Bible for cryin’ out loud! People being apologetic for having an opinion, people falling over backwards (leave alone bending!) trying hard to appear in agreement with the author even when they’re not! What is goin’ on?!!

See, all you have to be is polite. One can be in polite disagreement. Or did that change overnight?

All you folks who read TP, you’re always honest with your comments right? Can I please have that assurance? (Ok, now is not the time to say I’m a horrible person who deserves to rot in hell – that kind of statement should be censored, for the general safety of you and your belongings.)


P.S: Don’t think too much about the title. That’s the auto generated blog-post permalink number that WordPress generated when I began the post without a title. I wish it generated meaningful titles too so I don’t tax my pea-brain trying to come up with something smart.

P.P:S: Talking about tax, all you people with jobs and in India, did you file your IT return yet? Don’t you just hate doin’ it? First you have to pay through your nose even if there is not much of an income landing in your bank account. And then on top of that you have to go tell those IT people that you DID pay?! Isn’t that like rubbing salt on the wounds? What nonsense!

P.P.P.S: The blues seem to have hit a day late. Apparently, you can’t escape ’em even if you consciously forget the days of the week.

P.P.P.P.S: Apparently, I use the word ‘apparently’ too often.

End of the post. Go in peace.


12 thoughts on “423

  1. Thats the reason i dont comment on celebrity blogs. Celebrity means anybody who averages 50 comments per post.

    The followers then get slavish and if you have a diff of opinion with the author all these religious followers will flame your comment!


    wait just one minute – are you saying my blog is not a celebrity blog?!!! how mean!! 😦


  2. I know I’m supposed to disagree , but I will defy you.

    I fully agree with the author that apparently there is no way to get around to beating monday blues and Im not even trying to be politically correct Im like our Speaker apolitical,hehehe.

    Love the way you write.

    heh heh. thanks! 🙂


  3. politically correct – may be coz they dont want to hurt feelings or may be they dont want to initiate a flame war. but as u said, we can calla spade as a spade without being rude.
    ny way, just to tell u – i dont g by being politically correct – i do / say what i feel like..
    filing tax returns – yeah, we hv to pay teh tax, then have to tell them that we have really paid. whn i see the amount I paid, i cringe inside – we pay tax for the money we earn, we pay tax for the goods we buy,we pay tax for eh services we use – man, we have no escape from this tax thing 😦 sigh!


  4. Sometimes It happens !! and u know @times you do meet people or come across blog posts that tells what you’ve felt! but even i’ve noticd this trend in mnay blogs! unhealthy trend ! Acept, its your personal space! but that doesnt mean a spade becomes a diamond!!! and no ways of rudeness….


  5. There are reasons for why one doesn’t disagree.
    a) Well, one agrees with what the author says;
    b) One doesn’t know enough about the topic to disagree, and the author always seems more knowledgeable;
    c) One thinks the author is cute/smart/interesting/horny/desperate, and is hoping to, um, well, um, you know what;
    d) One thinks that the author is of fragile make-up and cannot handle being put down;
    e) The author is of fragile make-up and cannot handle being put down, and so deletes such comments;
    f) One thinks that the author is too lowly to be commented upon;
    g) One is Sonia Gandhi who never expresses any opinions directly;
    h) The blogger is Aamir Khan who’ll name his next dog after one if one detracts.

    Ooooo, I like (g) and (h). As to the author being of ‘fragile make-up’, well, if it’s a post on a public domain, chances are there will be people disagreeing, so he/she better deal with it! 🙂


  6. You must be talking about me and my comments. Are you? 😀

    Or are you talking about my blog? Which never gets any contradictory comments. Maybe everyone loves me? Hmmm… Or maybe I haven’t “arrived” in the blogworld yet.

    BTW, do I get a “told you so” glare from you if I say I agree with you? Just askin’….

    C’mon! I’m not saying one should never agree with the author – just that one needs to stop apologizing for having a different opinion!


  7. I notice this mostly on blogs of women. Either the comments are super-nice, like cloyingly phonily nice, or they are positively trollish. Men-blogs tend to be more normal.

    Don’t ask me why, I have no idea. One of those “plain weird” observations.

    good observation! weird, but good 🙂 I wonder why it’s so… the same reason why there are more atrocities against women than men in the real world? hmmm…


  8. I learnt that after God, the only other omnipresent thing is dust.

    U forgot someone who closer day by day, everyday – DEATH

    one bright ray of sunshine, aren’t ya? 🙂


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