Pet peeve

Wanna know my pet peeve?

I hate pets.

There ya go.

Ok, I know ‘pet peeve’ actually means ‘favorite annoyance’ (like there could be a ‘favorite’ among our umpteen annoyances!), but this is how I am – I try my best to be pathetic.

See, I have nothing against animals per se. It’s just about animals co-existing with me in my house, roaming around on their four legs, shedding hair all over the place and basically just being a bad stinky housemate. Now you may ask then why can’t I get a pet which doesn’t have 4 legs or hair or isn’t stinky. Like say a gecko or a fish.

No. I hate geckos. Disgusting is an understatement. If you want me out of a room, just tell me there’s a gecko in there (it doesn’t actually have to be in there – just the mere thought is enough for me,  I’m easy like that).

Fish. Well, I had one. Actually, two. I even called them Tom and Jerry. Jerry died. We think he over-ate. Tom, for some inexplicable reason, was found on the floor beneath the fish-bowl. Bugger should’ve represented India in the Olympics for high jump or better, pole vault. We mourned them for an entire week – everytime we saw the darn fish bowl! And I decided I’d had enough.

No pets. I don’t want more emotional baggage than what I already have. I’m barely responsible with my own life and I don’t want to be responsible for another. I know it’s tough, but one’s gotta do what one’s gotta do to not go to hell. The pitch fork, the pointed tail, no thank you.

Why am I suddenly talking completely unrelated things about pets and fish and geckos? Well, that’s ‘coz I saw this picture in an email forward and went ‘Awwwww’ in a very dangerously mushy and pet-lovey kind of way. Scared me, goshdarnit! I don’t want no pets in the house!

Mr. and Mrs. Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Smith


Image Source: I have no idea! If it’s yours, please let me know and I’ll either add a credit if you’re ok with it or I’ll take it out if you’re not.


16 thoughts on “Pet peeve

  1. Hey, put in Tom and Jerry together in a small jar, and you should be happy you had the fish-bowl (and your house) intact 😉

    hehe…mr.smartypants.. it’s not like I got a cat and mouse called Tom and Jerry. I’m not thaaaaat dumb ok?


  2. I HATE animals as well. THIS PICTURE IS HORRIBLE by the way 😐 (I know I sound rude. But this picture is appalling, honestly !)

    horrible? really? hmmm…never occured to me..I thought it was a bit adorable 🙂


  3. What kind of statement is this “i dont want no pets”… is it correct usage?

    Grammatically, no. Colloquially, I think it’s prevalent in American slang..actually, African-American slang if I’m not mistaken


  4. So very true. I have nothing against animals, but would definitely not want them in the house. Dogs scare me to no end!
    Yes, its quite weird right – the picture. Somehow I got reminded of Mr Hyde on seeing it! 🙂

    It’s like what Chandler says in FRIENDS 🙂 Puppies freak him out coz ‘he doesn’t know what they’re thinking’ 😀


  5. i absolutely adore dogs, and i have always wanted one as a pet. never got around to having one, though.. have always goofed around with doggies at other people’s homes.. not sure what it would be like to actually live with one.. yep, it does involve a lot of responsibility and emotional baggage.. though i want a doggie, i m not sure i wld want to deal with all that too!

    PS: i kinda agree with niths and sathej – the doggies in the pic do look kinda weird… 😦

    @me – that video is damn cute and the kid is just adorable. thanks for sharing it! whatte funeral!!!

    🙂 you should just get a dog then PI.. maybe then you would realize what a pain it is 😉


  6. Hmmm I kinda of remember having posted a comment here, may be I didn’t stop long enough to see if it really got posted.In fact I had even posted a link to my first blog on a similar subject.There you go, the link to my first blog, check it out should you find time.

    I really love the way you write, absolutely hilarious.I never really understood what makes the pet owners crazy about their pets,so i will refrain from commenting. Pets, sure is a strict NO,lazy laid back that I’m.

    hey, your comment went into spam since you had some link..I retrieved it from the spam folder. Will check out your blog post soon. And yeah, I wonder too how you can cohabit with animals 🙂


  7. I have nothing against animals.. Like to look at them from a distance and wave.. thats it 😉
    //t’s just about animals co-existing with me in my house, roaming around on their four legs, shedding hair all over the place and basically just being a bad stinky housemate.//
    Me 2 me 2 🙂

    oye, powerpuff girl 🙂 I don’t even like to look at them from a distance and wave..unless ofcourse it’s a zoo and they’re all in cages 😀


  8. Came to your blog after a looong time. Great to see that the pipe has never really run dry for too long. To put it in your langauge… it like finding a Calvin edition that you never knew existed!

    Love your writing!


    Dude! how are ya?! 🙂 long time.. the pipe does run dry at times.. you just happened to come at a not-so-dry time 😉


  9. Been a dog lover all my life! i do have a pet! which does all the things! shred a lot of hair! and of course walks on four legs! and a stinkymate @ home, but to be honest! whatever they arE! they add meaning to life, it brings the family members closer! its like having a kid around and ll thye members come together to take care of the little one! there’s a magic in it priya!

    you cannot deny that truth!!

    you know, this is what all the folks with pets say! 🙂


  10. Woah..found ur blog again..
    hope u remember me!!
    i knw wat i ought to give u..if there is a bloggers meet or smthin.. yup mr n mrs smith! btw i luv pets..

    hey! you got lost, eh? 😉 welcome back…and no, you won’t get a chance to do all that ‘coz I’m as anti-social as they come when it’s about attending bloggers’ meets 🙂


  11. If you had put together a cat and a mouse named Tom and Jerry in one house after knowing how it goes, you deserve all you will get 😉

    true! but lucky me, I can’t stand pets – even if they’re cartoon superstars


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