The wait begins…

…for this one –

There are some things before it though –

–  Convince the spouse that I need it: This might be easy, ‘coz my current phone just slightly broke. (Noo!  I didn’t do it on purpose, I swear!!)

–  Before that, convince myself that I need it. (What?  It costs around 8-9k and I’m allergic to electronic gadgets)

–  iPhone proof my purse ( if I’m successful with the first two things above).

– Forget iPhone proofing my purse. Why should I put it in my purse? I can’t flaunt it then, can I? iPhone proof my hand perhaps – there’s a huge gap between the fingers and there have been earlier incidents of gadget-breaking due to my nimble fingers.

Wish me luck, mon ami.


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11 thoughts on “The wait begins…

  1. Oh, good 🙂 Wish you all the luck 🙂 But as you say, I too am quite allergic to gadgets. Thats why I stick to a phone which just enables me to call and message 🙂

    Mostly, I think like that too. But once in a while the temptation of having a cool phone to flaunt around gets to you 😦


  2. Allergic to gadgets?! The way I see the growth of technology, when you’re senile, some electronic gadget will be feeding you and putting you to sleep and probably the one being that’ll love an old lady. When it does, you just hope it doesn’t drop you.

    ok, now you’re freaking me out. stop it.


  3. My hands were itching to get hold of the new 3G Iphone, actually waiting for its official launch in India before I decided on the new handset.But, the tech reviews are kind of mixed. For another it isn’t the Gadget alone its likely to be bundled with a service provider like else in the world.However, Im told it can unlocked to be used with other Sim card, with the help of some software.

    Looks are fantastic and the 8Gb at 8k is very attractive proposition.But with no qwert kb , no video recording , of course the battery can’t be replaced and the lack of a few other features, hmm I would rather wait some more .

    Didn’t mean to startle you with the negatives I came across . But at that price the looks and 3G alone, perhaps justify the buy. My best wishes to you.

    Thanks a lot for the info! I have to do a lot of research then before I buy this thing 😦


  4. looks cool. 🙂 btw, my current phone also slightaa giving me problems.. what say?? 😉

    PI, why only slight problems? If I’m not mistaken, it should be completely useless by now. If it’s not, you need to see a shrink. If it is, you need to run to the nearest iStore, get the darn iPhone, run to the nearest DHL office and courier it to me, then run back to the iStore and get yourself another iPhone. What say? 😉


  5. 😛 I managed to destroy my phone, two days ago. The peace though, might just have been worth it. Tis an expensive world. Sigh.

    you destroyed your phone? Pray, tell me how. I need a very very convincing method of telephone destruction 🙂


  6. Me too me too .. I phone .. But actually stuck between switching to the i(yo)-phone and giving up on Nokia …. Confusion!

    you know, that’s exactly my worry too! I’ve never seen better UI than what Nokia offers, so I need to think this through (second point in the post)


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