Open category? Tough luck, mate!

It’s admission time again. And looks like the Government is touching new levels of unfairness towards students with merit who just happen to be in ‘Open’ category.

This piece of news in The Hindu totally ruined my morning –

As per G.O. 550, the seat vacated by a particular reserved category candidate in the open category has to be necessarily allotted to the candidate from the same category irrespective of the rank. For example, if a BC candidate with a rank of 100 claims a seat in open category and then shifts to a better college in the seats reserved for BCs, the seat vacated in the open category will not go to the 101st ranker but to the next BC candidate irrespective of the rank.

It sounded so unbelievable to me that I actually read it thrice. And I’m still not sure if it really means what it appears to mean!


I don’t get the logic of this – if a BC candidate opts out of the Open category seat, why should it go to the next BC candidate instead of going back into the Open category pool?! So if I’m a candidate in the Open category, my future is actually in the hands of the BC candidate who’s opting for an Open category seat with good chances of getting better seats in the BC category! All the hardwork I put in to write exams? Nah, they don’t care. They don’t care a rat’s backside what your marks are. Unless ofcourse you’re lucky enough to be in the BC/SC/ST category!

Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing personal against the students in these categories. I understand these reservations were made because of the kind of education these students could access/afford, their economic conditions, etc. but I cannot fathom why that shouldn’t apply to students from the Open category. All BC candidates are not poor. And all OC candidates are not super-rich. These categories were created based on caste, not just economic conditions. These categories are stereotypes! I’ve heard of cases where even well-to-do parents take the pain of getting the caste changed for their children just to ensure a reserved seat. So who in bloody hell are these reservations actually for?!

In this age, I really don’t see the point of caste-based reservations. You ask for reservations based on financial background, fine – I see your point, here’s a reserved seat for ya! No harm done, right? But why based on caste?

I heard a stupider thing yesterday – some top executive in a software company was asked what can be done to prevent attrition in an organization like his. What do you think he said? He said attrition can be curbed if you hire people from BC and SC/ST.  This doesn’t even warrant a response now, does it? I say, send these morons to a shooting squad and be over with it.

Gaah! I could rant till I die, but who listens!

UPDATED: A small clarification on why I’m so pissed with this reservation thing. I understand reservations were first introduced in our country primarily as a means of moderating caste-based inequities and giving the economically-backward people a chance to compete and succeed on par with the rest of the population. But I refuse to believe that one downtrodden person can go up only at the expense of a well-to-do person going down – which is what is happening now when students with merit are deprived of what’s due to them for the work that they did and the marks that they got.

Can someone give me a convincing reason why an OC seat passed up by a non-OC candidate should go to the next non-OC candidate instead of the next OC candidate? I really want to understand, maybe that will make me less angry with this whole thing!

To reiterate, I have absolutely no issues with reservations as long as it doesn’t affect the future of the hundreds of other students who fall in the Open Cateory. Just like the economically-backward have the right to good education without discrimination, the hard-working too have the right to good education without discrimination.

You cannot solve one kind of discrimination by practising another.

18 thoughts on “Open category? Tough luck, mate!

  1. hire BC to curb attrition? i almost fell off from my chari, laughing.. morons… shooting squad is teh only way for them…

    reservation based on caste is gross injustice to the hardworking ppl from open cast – if the reservation is based on economic condition, it s a fair game – but based on caste… things like this play a major role in keeping our country from developing her full potential…


  2. Stupid Politicians. Supporters of the minority kinda looks like a hero. That’s what they’re after. Never bother about how much talent they are wasting through caste based reservations. I wish they provide the poor students with more facilities to study (Study Centers, Libraries and stuff) and totally eliminate reservations.


  3. Anoop – The first step to this is to abolish caste-based reservations and go for reservations based on the economic stature of the student and/or financial backgrounds.

    Smitha – I read Sujai’s post and what I feel is that it describes the reasons leading to the reservations very convincingly. But my question: how relevant is it in today’s times? Isn’t some part of becominng a huge farce? (I updated my post above based on what I read)

    Manoj – true! That they won’t do, but reservations alone they want to have! If primary and secondary education facilities are improved, that itself would wipe out half the inequities.


  4. One more thing you missed. (I think Maharashtra) Government is planning to take up the expenses for college education of economically challenged students. Good, right? But they are going to pay 50% for open category and 100% for other categories. Now ain’t that great?

    Plus, they are planning to double the limit for “creamy” layer in OBC.

    I don’t understand what to make of this. It’s like a double-edged sword – can go wrong very easily if not used right.


  5. So an OC seat becomes a seat reserved only for BCs if a BC candidate takes it? Looks like they are insidiously trying to reserve part of the OC seats also for BCs.


  6. Why do i feel that all this is somehow related to the political bigwigs owning a significant % of the colleges in TN and not to mention vote bank politics.Most open category students are forced to go the management quota route nowadays,poor fella next door was asking me prices :\.

    Just saw the papers today and there was this advertisement of a new college that calls itself Kalaignar college or something…..what’s the world heading to 😦


  7. Welcome to the club. Nowadays, heck for the past few years, the so-called majorities have become the minorities. I like your idea of the financially backward getting the reservations and all. But yea who listens?

    The result of all this is 90 percent of the class being happy with a job in TCS. No offence meant.

    rat’s backside.. Now where did you pick that up from. I’ve read it somewhere..


  8. It is easier for a FC student to get an admit in US university than an admit in a good college back in TN. Also, it is easier for a FC to secure job in US compared to getting one back in India.

    Innum konja varushathuku ippadiyae irundhudhu na all FCs will move out of TN.

    Sad story, isn’t it? Imagine what’ll happen if reservations are enforced at this level on corporates. I’d be happy if the big guns ask the Govt to go to hell if something like that comes up.


  9. Well, what can I say? Pathtic – the way reservations are being executed.The story you have quoted above is appalling. But honestly, am not surprised. It shows how ridiculously our elected law makers think!


  10. uve misunderstood. reservations was never for the economically-backward. it is meant for the socially backward.
    till 5 yrs ago -in my native village in TN- a section of ppl were not allowed inside the village temple purely bcos of caste. it doesnt matter how rich the fellow was or his status among peers, but if lived in those 3 streets he wasnt allowed. my mother recalls seeing a dalit being served with a long stick at shops.

    Quick question: going by your argument, it looks like education (by way of reservations) is seen as a means of removing social backwardness. How? If a so-called ‘low caste’ person earns a PhD, is he/she allowed to enter temples? I doubt it.

    And the way I see it, being socially-backward is the cause and becoming economically-backward is the effect. Treating the cause should be a long-term goal with laws like the ones we have abolishing untouchability, etc. Treating the effect is currently being done by things like reservations. I have absolutely no issues with that.

    it is not a farce to them. most ppl have not seen the 70% of india where this is major problem. they live in cities, go to schools & colleges and boast that they rub shoulders with all caste and that they r indifferent abt caste. would they’ve shook a dalit’s hand if their parents told them to stay away from those guys on the first day of college?

    It’s not a farce to the people who actually benefit by it, agreed. But what about that percentage who take undue advantage of these reservations thereby affecting the other candidates in the open category? I’m saying it again: I have no issues with reservations per se. My grouse is with the new G.O they’ve passed. My bigger worry is this is just the beginning.

    ur argument that “one downtrodden person can go up only at the expense of a well-to-do person going down” is not the way to look at it. the problem is same as a poor mom dividing the little available food among her children. one has to be humane, look at long term benefits and feed the kid who starved for 2000 yrs.

    Your analogy is not relevant. No one here is arguing about reservations for the downtrodden. But why should they be caste based? Ok, in your terms, if there are two children both starving for 2000 years, how fair is it to give all the food to the one who just happens to be of a darker skin rather than the one who’s not? Why is everyone assuming that only the socially-backward have been starving for 2000 yrs? Anyone (so-called FC included) can starve if they don’t have the money – that’s the bottom line. So why should the reservation end up discriminating against other economically-backward who happen to be in the Open category? If reservations were based on economic backgrounds, then this problem may not happen.

    pls read the first 5-6 part of Sujai’s series. he made a believer out of me.

    I think it’ll take more than a blog post to make a believer out of a person who has personally lost out on a dream because of these reservations.


  11. I cant believe it either.All this sham is vote based and sans any logic.Now all the BC students that can qualify for a open seat must take and admission and then move over to one of their choice and thereby eating into the general category.I think when challenged in the court of law this G.O. they will do away with this G.O.

    Besides I have always been of the opinion the reservations must be on economical criteria alone.Another thing is that such reservation should be only for one generation and from the next they should treated as general category.Otherwise the affluent among the backward will continue to exploit the situation and reforms won’t percolate to the lower rungs within the backward.

    Hmmm..the last point you’ve mentioned is interesting..not sure if it’ll help or make matters worse, but it’s worth thinking about.


  12. If i said this stupid reservation system blew my dreams to smithereens. it would be an understatement. I dont understand why we cant change with times. Everything’s changed since 1950s.. so now why not this??
    One person I know, a BC, is happily pursuing dreams, despite not being quite up to the mark , thanks to this reservation @#$#@%$ and here I’m sitting an ruing rotten fate.

    Reservations based on economic status makes some sense. But the present system sucks !
    Darn !

    Sorry bout the outburst. Couldnt quite hold it back. 😦

    😦 I know exactly what you feel.. you know what the irony sometimes is? some of these students come using the quota and are completely unable to take the college-load..and end up flunking year after year! I wonder how these so-called policy-makers intend to solve this problem


  13. Here’s what happened to me…..
    I scored 76.4% in my T.Y.B.Sc… I had’nt quite imagined i wud get that, but i did… anyways, i filled the form for M.Sc geology in Pune university where there are 20 seats, i was quite sure of getting an admission there,although they had 50% reservations; as my marks were quite good. BUT, God knows what got into the brains of the People in the univ, being 4th as per merit in the open list, i wasnt admitted… How great is that… coz some of these reservation people, having good marks, filled their forms as open. So they got admissions,not me. Then again the university suddenly decided to give admissions based on marks, which made my rank as 8th,BUT again there were 5 International students, so now seats for Indian students became 15. So they decided that 7 seats were for open and 8 for reserved. ????? Now dudes, if you have some rules atleast follow them properly, why take away my right to admission based on your dumb moods. Later on finally only 3 open seats were alloted in the university that year i.e. 1 year back. And later 2 BC students left their seats, But as per the stupid, idiotic rules they were alloted to the next BC candidates…
    I didnt exactly know, whether to laugh or to cry… I mean WTF… My classmate having 4% less than me was admitted being an OBC… 4%??????? That counts 48 marks. Anyways im in a much better field now, so i didnt really look much into the matter later on, but is this fair?


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