Necessary frustrations

You know how they say necessity is the mother of all inventions? Yeah. It’s not just any necessity. It’s necessity that’s so necessary that the absence of it causes untold frustration and it is this frustration that leads to an invention. If not an invention, then atleast a discovery.

Like how you’re so frustrated to see that all your BPEL instances have gone stale and you have no way to get back the input and output xml payloads and then you discover that you can steal the xml payloads by clicking on little links behind the big bold error that says the instance is stale [1]. Gives a very interesting feeling of satisfaction on being able to beat the system and get what one wants. No matter how trivial.

Frustration is the key.

It all boils down to how frustrated you can get yourself to be. If it’s beyond the normal limit, it will almost always lead to either an invention/discovery/workaround or irreversible physical damage to self or objects belonging to self. Given that this self owns quite a lot of objects (no cosmic value ofcourse but loads of materialistic value), the second option is not feasible.

So, here’s to more frustrations! Now if only I can find a way to have someone else be frustrated enough on my behalf and solve my problems.


[1] I generally don’t write about work stuff, but I had to tell someone about this little trick on the BPEL console that has saved me a lot of trouble and unnecessary debugging.


8 thoughts on “Necessary frustrations

  1. When you get frustrated, the idea is to be around objects that you don’t own or that you really don’t like someone else owning…

    I like that idea. Especially the last bit.. this neighbor has a brand new shiny shiny red car.. me no likey..


  2. So basically, frustration is mother of necessity and hence, grandmother of invention? I agree.

    You know..I think frustration is more like the father of invention..’coz it supports necessity leading to an invention..heh heh, I’m too good at this, aren’t I? 😉


  3. Without hardwork and pain, there’s nothing you can achieve in life… and also not just frustrations, patience is also more important…. 🙂

    really! we had no idea (by we I mean me, myself and me)! We were born with a B.Tech degree..and when we were 2 years old, God knocked on our door and said, ‘Here’s a list of the top software companies in the world, Pick one!’. And I did. That’s why I’m where I am today 😀


  4. That was a good one priya, Frustration is the key, fine then where’s the lock buddy???

    Don get frustrated now….

    The lock is in your head… and to open that you need this key called frustration.. man, I’m on a roll here!


  5. Nice new theme. But too plain. A banner image would be cute?

    I know!! But this stupid theme doesnt allow custom headers 😦 So I don’t have a choice.. only option is to chang the theme.. maybe after sometime I’ll do that


  6. I didn’t get the card for “Frustration weds Necessity”

    Invention got any brothers/sisters?

    I think Discovery is a not-so-distant cousin 😉


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