Cricket, Football, Mondays and other such things.

Long long ago –

– Football? The one with the ball and boys kicking it around and shouting in joy when it fell into the drain (which for some reason they kept referring to as ‘goal’)? Nope, don’t know anything about it.

– Offside? Eh?

– Cricket? Oh yeah! We girls got runners. We girls were also the uppuku-chappanis (roughly translates to namesakes). The dustbin at the end of the field was a boundary for fours. Rubber ball, coconut branch bat? Sure, I know cricket.

– LBW? Say what?

The present day –

– Football? The one with the black and white ball (which is stamped with the name of the countries playing that match), lotsa men who earn in gazillions for kicking the ball around? Cristiano Ronaldo? Thierry Henry? Ballack? Scolari? Oh yeah, I know.

– Offside? atleast two guys from the opposite team between the guy and the goal-post when the pass is being made? Close? This is all I can remember. Ever.

– Cricket? Heck, yeah! IPL, MS Dhoni and Ganguly taking his shirt off at Lords? Sure. Power plays, third umpires, Gilchrist keeping a tiny ball inside his gloves to get a better grip? But, ofcourse!

– LBW? You mean when the Hawkeye predicts the trajectory going through the stumps? I can’t do this.


Lesson: Some things never change.

Seriously, what’s the deal with ‘offside’ in football and ‘lbw’ in cricket? No matter how many times someone explains it to me, I still can’t get it right. Ok, maybe the first time I do, but after that? No way! Atleast ‘offside’ I can guess, but ‘LBW’?! Dear God, no! I can’t. I mean, how in the world do those umpires know?!! Well, maybe that explains why I’m not an umpire (among other things, I’d die of boredom if I’m anywhere near a cricket match, forget bang right in the middle of the field).

I know I’m writing more often about sports. But it’s just everywhere around you, it’s kinda hard not to notice. If you spend a good 4 hours every evening in front of the TV with Neo Sports or ESPN on, you’ll start writing football and cricket even if you’d been living in the bushes for a 100 yearsΒ or just discovered fire.

Or maybe it’s a darn Monday and this is the only draft in my blog-draft folder that’s worth posting (since all the others are just downright crap).

Sometimes I’ve found that you could tolerate a Monday if you have reasons other than work to come to work. Like if you’re wearing your brand new shirt or salwar-kameez or saree (as applicable, ofcourse). Or if just caught Grey’s Anatomy on TV (9 AM to 10 AM IST every Monday – life’s little mercies, me thinks) and you’re still thinking what’s gonna happen next week since Meredith got pushed into the sea trying to rescue some other bloke. Or if you have something to look forward to in your lunch box (this could keep you going till lunch time – after that, the blues hit ya real hard).

Happy Monday, everyone.

P.S: If you have nothing new to wear or if you don’t watch Grey’s Anatomy or if your lunch box contains good ol’ curd rice, you could still try to handle the blues by tweaking around with your blog template, add/remove widgets, try to edit the CSS and be met with a WordPress message that you have to ‘buy’ the feature to publish the edited CSS or add post scripts to your already published posts.

13 thoughts on “Cricket, Football, Mondays and other such things.

  1. hm.. i know wht an offside is, and i love football… but i cannot make out how the umpire (or for that matter, all my friends who r watching the match) can make out an LBW. πŸ™‚

    see, that’s exactly what I’m talkin’ about! And just like you can’t make out an LBW, I sometimes cant make out an offside 😦


  2. offside.. yeah i can say if its offside when they show slow motion replys.. and lbw.. at times its pretty obv.. but at times when it seems to be out its either too high or pitching outside leg or just misses by a whisker..
    and monday blues… mw tooo… 😦 esp after a one day weekend.. 😦

    one day weekend?!! poor you! My bro also has one day weekends – the only time I feel sorry for the guy


  3. LBW, offsides, fouls in basketball,(and strikes in baseball) are the “human factor” in sports – which means they allow for human errors, tendencies, prejudices to creep in have some influence in the game thus allowing for fans and media to argue about it on and on. It is the “anamoly” in the Matrix – the dreams when we experience sleep, and contributes to a lot of fun (and despair). Once/if a game’s decisions are completely error-free, and thus perfect, I suspect if the fun goes out.

    BTW (not that I am a football/soccer expert), but offside IIRC is at the precise moment the guy passing to you kicks the ball (NOT when you receive it), you must have at least one defender between you and the goal – else you are offside.

    For monday blues – yeah – comment on other blogs (e.g. on those who comment on yours πŸ˜‰ – makes them get out of the blues too!)


    I heeded the last part of your comment. πŸ˜€


  4. Can I include links to a few of your posts in my blog? Am just putting together a few posts that I like.

    Sure! what’s going on with everyone wanting to link up fav posts? some new tag, eh?


  5. chalo first things first, super theme…

    Lol, that brought back memories, but the ponnus in our area were smarter, they would’nt field!

    I feel for the line umpires and how they call the off-sides and disallow goals sometimes. Its harsh but a very tough job!

    Its like premji amaran catchin of a no-ball in Chennai 600028, imagine scorin a goal while off-side. Enna kodumai Saar idhu!

    Theme is courtesy WordPress πŸ™‚ another reason why I moved to WP. Yeah, the goal during offside is a sad one.. I’ve seen so many of them in this Euro 2008.. btw, what makes you think we girls used to field? We only used to bat. With runners. nothing else! πŸ˜€


  6. Really nice post :)…congrats….

    I was initially bad at it, but one of my friend almost always guesses it right (even if the umpire gets it wrong), he was a cricket player though.

    To me, forget the hawk eye, there are 3 disjoint cases of handling LBW
    1) Ball pitching in leg or outside leg stump – Not out, all the time
    2) Ball pitching in off or middle-off stump, and batsman tried a shot and got hit in the pads. If the batsman blocked a ball that could have gone to hit the stumps that is out. (Note if the ball was pitched outside off it is still not out)
    3) Ball pitching outside off and batsman did not offer a shot. This is a corner case where a batsman can be given out, simply because he was not offering a shot (Playing against the spirit of game)

    Eeekk….still I would say I get it right only about 80% of the time……..

    I know…there are always these people who can get it right..but unless I see the hawkeye thingie, I never know!


  7. hehe, I started replying to comments inline πŸ™‚ Does seem easier than doing a bulk reply.. if you guys would rather have me do bulk replies not-inline, lemme know pls.


  8. Priya: Cricket? Oh yeah! We girls got runners. We girls were also the uppuku-chappanis (roughly translates to namesakes)

    Hey, r u by any chance telugu speaker..
    I don’t exactly remember the word for namesake. I think it is something close to uppaku-chappani.. is it a telugu word??

    Yep, I speak Telugu. Don’t know if it’s a telugu word – my Tamil friends used it.


  9. Offisides, I know coz I play the game. πŸ™‚
    LBW, sometimes makes me get confused n other times I get it right…(but you can decide it perfectly when you are on the field, standing next to the umpire).

    And I hate Mondays… 😦 Heard the song “Manic Monday” form Bangles?

    And BTW, nice theme, and inline comments!? That’s a great idea. I think even I should start that.. πŸ˜‰


  10. inline comments…someone’s been working a lot…And happy monday to you too!! My monday’s are considerably better, seeing that I start everyone with a arfield strip. Got the 1978 to 2008 collection..awesome no??

    absolutely! πŸ™‚ Me is the happy to see that thing back on your blog


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