11 thoughts on “Friday, the 13th

  1. Anoop – so you got scared eh?

    Boo – LOL! believe it or not, my first thought as I wrote that word was ‘what would Boo think?’ 😀 okie, me is waiting to hear about Pinocchio.. good luck with everything!


  2. Amey – ok, now you’re freaking me out. stop please 😦

    PI – oh you should have, PI! 🙂 nothing like writing one three letter word and have 6 people commenting on it 😉

    Priyank – Well, lucky you! 🙂

    Prashanth – iyo..here I was thinking I’m the one touched in the head… 😉


  3. This is the best post that I have read LOL


    If you weren’t being sarcastic, thank you! 🙂 If you were being sarcastice, well.. welcome to TP, this is what it’s all about 😉


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