Desperate times, desperate measures. No, no desperate housewives, sorry.

I login to WordPress today and what do I see?

Yep, that’s right. It’s dropping dropping and dropped. And I have only myself to blame.

I could get all philosophical and console myself saying why do I even care if my blog stats drop. I mean, I have a life right? It’s not like this blog is the only reason I’m alive today. But you know what? If you own a blog you would know it too – from the moment you start a blog, somehow, unseen, this little thing called ‘responsibility’ creeps up into your life. ‘Responsibility’ towards readers (imagined or otherwise) who spend a minute or two to click their bookmark or their blogroll and reach your blog. And Responsibility never came alone now, did it? No, it always brings along it’s best pal, Guilt. The moment you slip up on this ‘responsibility’, dear ol’ Guilt ruins your life.

Reminds me of something I heard on TV yesterday. The famous Malayali actor, Srinivasan (he’s acted in over 500 movies, directed a bunch of ’em and written stories for many many more) was a guest judge on one of those reality singing competition (Star Singer, and it’s on Asianet if you have to know. The entry level talent you see on this show would put the Indian Idols and SaReGaMa champions to shame). He was narrating an incident in his life. He was walking towards some place and on the way he met this really poor man, dressed in torn clothes, basically like a homeless person. This guy, the moment he recognized Srinivasan, got very excited and started waving to him.  Srinivasan waved back, but a moment later a thought struck him – this man, without proper clothes or food or a home has probably given me 10 rupees over time by watching my movies. His 10 rupees are now in my pocket. He’s out there, scavenging for food and here I am, a big movie star and his 10 rupees are in my pocket. Srinivasan concluded by saying that it humbled him that day, to be adored by fans like that.

I’m not big star blogger or anything (actually, not even close – mediocrity has some advantages, like more mediocrity) but somewhere in that narration above I see a small parallel – this relationship between blogger and reader. In this short life, when people spend precious minutes to read a blog, it means something, right? It does to me.

Which necessarily means I need to be a bit more diligent in keeping this space updated. I know, I know I say I’ll do it and I never do. Maybe because it doesn’t hurt me in any way when I don’t update my blog. It’s not like I’ll lose this url if I didn’t post (but hey, if I don’t update it for like 10 years, maybe it might. But let’s not think of that, ok?) or I lose money for every day I leave the blog un-updated. It’s not like I lose money, right?

Hey, that gives me an idea! Why don’t all of you start paying me for blogging? That way, I’ll have this fear of losing out on cash and I’ll keep this space updated. Oh dear God, I’m so brilliant! Why didn’t I think of this before?!!

Um, I know what you’re thinking now – Why would I pay you for writing nonsense when I’m pretty darn sure I can write better nonsense myself? Well… I don’t have an answer yet, but how about you give me some advance and I’ll come up with something intelligent? Huh?


P.S: Here you were thinking I’m going all senti and ‘responsible’ about blogging, using big words like diligent, responsibility, relationship, etc. Heh heh. Love the look on (imagined) people’s faces when expectations come crashing down. Love it.

P.P.S: It’s not like  I don’t want to update the blog. It’s just that my internet connection at home has gone bust (it’s BSNL, duh!) and it might remain that way for another 2 weeks. Yeah, I know the excuse sounds lame, but it’ll have to do.

P.P.P.S: Did you know the above lame excuse would also hold true for why I’m not visiting the blogs on my blogroll? Yes, it does.

P.P.P.P.S: If only my posts were as famous as my post-scripts.

P.P.P.P.P.S: Now is a good time to stop, no? Ok.

19 thoughts on “Desperate times, desperate measures. No, no desperate housewives, sorry.

  1. Hey Priya..
    Completed reading all ur posts in a single day.. N beleive me it was addictive!
    Great going.. keep posting..
    And now I’m getting inspired 🙂


  2. Yeah, after I saw that graph (and remembered that I am still waiting to break 1000 second time), all I could read in the post was a rich spoiled girl complaining that the AC doesn’t work properly 😉


  3. Ok i’ll start the thotprocess-bachao-andolan. Get a few mahila mukti morcha ppl to campaign and and a dash of controversy of how ekta kapoor serials are drying up your creative juices. CNN-IBN will run a story on it and thats it NGO’s will come to help you, corporate sponsorship and the cash register will never stop ringing!

    Of course I get 10% as consulting fees…..


  4. We pay the internet bills, electricity bills etc and read your blogs. Even though we are working for a bhikari company like TCS. Now does that make u feel like a star or does it make me feel like a beggar. ! 🙂

    Anyways.. Sreenivasan is an all time fav..

    No money for u since we are already spending so much to read ur blog. But u can keep this space alive. Keep doing that 🙂

    P.S: Thnks for the mention. I would nt have known u r the ‘other priya’. The problems of having a common name … I can totally relate to it 😀


  5. Good analogy to Sreenivasan’s thoughts.

    It would have been a better ending if we had given the 10rs to the person or bought him lunch or something.

    Oh, maybe you should buy all of us lunch or some drinks in the least! 🙂


  6. In this short life, when people spend precious minutes to read a blog, it means something, right? It does to me.

    Beautifully said, Am more like you now. couldnt update ma blog properly, cos am in village visiting spree as a part of my project in madurai . couldnt afford to get a system. even i feel guilty about it, but cant help it, as you said blogging is not just life, even honestly i just couldnt think about it as my only thing in life, well it happens u cant hep it, but when u’re into blogging, its good to be regular, so that people do keep dropping by. I just tell this to myself, THIS TOO SHALL PASS and will be back to my blogging and more importantly blog hopping.

    That was a good food for thought,



  7. Anon – 🙂 Thank you! since you seem to have so much free time, mind sending over a few hours to me? 😉 (btw, why anon? gimme a name!)

    Amey – a/c? Nah, if I were rich I wouldn’t complain about the a/c.. I’d just fly to the nearest exotic hill station 😉

    Max – The last line says it all.. 🙂 thanks for the idea though..


  8. JJoshi – Oh thank you! if posts like this will make readers delurk, maybe I should write more of these! 🙂

    Vinod – 😦 no money aa? but hey, if its TCS..well.. hehe.. Im not saying anything.. 😉

    Manoj – I’m assuming you meant the TV series (and nothing but the TV series) :-\


  9. Priya – When I saw this comment, my first thought was ‘when the heck did I reply to comments?’ 🙂 btw, cycle gap you driving the bulldozer looks like.. dinner it seems..and drinks? 😉 you’re one optimistic lady!

    Prashanth – polambal nu mudive panniyachcha? It wasnt meant to be a polambal.. I was so frustrated seeing my blog un-updated that I just got a wee bit senti.. happens!

    Princess – Yes, we are like that. We say regular, then disappear for 2 weeks, then come back and say we’re guilty so we’re regular..and then disappear.. its ok, Princess.. we know what it feels like 😦

    Barath – I use that line too at times.. idhuvum kadandhu pogum (in tamil).. heard it first on Chitthi 😀


  10. Hmmm… The post which you wrote was great one. Making one realize what “responsibility” is…!

    Anyways you asked for suggestions. Here they are.
    1.Love your commenters. (I mean appreciate them… :-s )
    2.Don’t be arrogant in your posts. (As you were in your Disclaimer & License page)
    3. Comment back on your readers blog.

    Well these 3 suggestions have a valid reason. I cant post those reasons as a post/comment here (will be too long). But if you think wisely, you will get your answer… 🙂

    All the best…


  11. Joel – 🙂 I think these suggestions are to increase my blog stats, not to keep my blog updated! I was just cribbing that I couldn’t find the time or the inclination to update my blog.. but thanks, anyway! I already do 1 and 3, but 2 is there for a reason. Welcome to TP, Joel! BTW, you new to blogging eh?


  12. 🙂 generally newbies to blogging worry about blog stats and blogrolling and Technorati ranks… after a point (like say 2-3 yrs) you stop caring 😉 like I did. Hence my doubt on if you were new..


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