Poorer me

First read this.

Add 20,000 to the number given in that post. That’s for the 2.5 years since the post.

Then add 1 to the number you get from above. For today.

That’s how many.

Every single day.

I’m done with incompetent gits who can’t do their job. If I were God for a day (yes, I think about stuff as crazy as that), I’d rid this world of these schmucks. Seriously, what use are they? I’ve seen garbage more useful than these buggers.

If you’re reading this and you feel the aforementioned schmuck sounds like you, go away! I’m allergic to incompetence. Shoo.

P.S: I think I’m brain dead. Mind numbingly brain dead. I want my yellow rubber ducky. It has a red beak. And it can swim.


8 thoughts on “Poorer me

  1. there are only two kind of ppl in this world – ppl who can do and ppl who cannot.
    I know what u feel – i feel suffocated whn i am surrounded with ppl who cannot grasp even the itsy wisty bit by themslef… and it really drive me nuts… thinking how on earth can they be so dumb.
    incompetent ppl – get a life or take a hike…


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