Mice or mouses?

There’s a curious cat on my head and it wants to know this –

Is the plural of a computer mouse, mice?

I heard Nikhil Chinnappa (the same bloke who thinks he’s the coolest Homo sapien ever to inhabit this planet just because he can wear stupid t-shirts, a stupid ear-stud and prance around on MTV throwing attitude by the gallons) refer to them as ‘mice’ and it somehow didn’t sound right to me. Come to think of it, ‘mouses’ sounds even more strange – like you were gonna say ‘Moses’ and somehow your accent got the better of you types.

My take on this: There is no plural. You can only talk about one mouse. At any given point of time. Simple. Makes life less complicated.

Yep, I either blog nonsense or nothing at all. Sue me.


25 thoughts on “Mice or mouses?

  1. You can only talk about one mouse.

    But what about the times when you have to talk in plurals? Like when you want to order, or when the several ones you tested didn’t work properly.

    I have heard many people talking about “computer mice” rather than “mice”. Makes more sense that way I guess…


  2. say ‘mouse of all the computers’ or something like that. problem solved. 😛

    btw, i had the same doubt some time ago. still looking for the right answer. 🙂


  3. Amey – That’s what I said! you cannot talk about plurals.. make them all singular and use as many repetitive sentences to ask about each 😉

    PI – 😀 apparently, I’m not the only one whose cat is as curious as this 😉


  4. have never had to talk about more than one mouse before.

    interesting thing is that, the guy is a very smart person and an architect by profession. His MTV avtaar makes him talk like an idiot, outside hez a celebrity DJ and can have an intelligent convo bout even stemcell research.


  5. the know-it-all Google tells me that mouse stands for Manually Operated User Selection Equipment (I’ve never thought of the mouse as ‘equipment’!). So, I guess, we could pluralise it by adding an s at the end of Equipment. This makes the acronym (drum roll)… MOUSE!

    So, mouse is like sheep. One sheep, many sheep. One mouse, many mouse!


  6. Anoop – 🙂 no complications!

    Manoj – devices? hmm.. that sounds about ok..

    Nithya – hehe 🙂 that would be ‘mouse thingie’ and ‘mouse thingums’.. I like such cute sounding words!


  7. Max – yeah, I came to know he’s an architect when he was boasting about it on MTV Roadies Auditions.. he used to be good when he was doing the early episodes of MTV Select.. these days, he’s just such a pain!

    Me – No opinions? People are discussing such important things (which could affect the future of the English language for aeons to come) and you have nothing to say? Hmm.

    PI – good good 🙂

    &38s – By far the most intelligent answer to my curious question! 🙂 many thanks, and welcome to TP. btw, what and 38s?


  8. It was initially named ‘2D Position Indicator’. But people kept calling it mouse. And it started believing it’s real name was that.

    And, what do you mean ‘sounds about ok’!!? That’s the correct technical term! You don’t believe!?


  9. > Yep, I either blog nonsense or nothing at all. Sue me.
    Actually you should say “blogroll me” – I would – since I have been doing the same of late.

    But interesting indeed. “Mice” does seem to sound odd – but that it sounds odd also seems odd 🙂 ! BTW, the plural of mouse being mice, is not necessarily predetermined by any syntactical rules in English – but maybe by the semantics of what mouse means i.e. that rodent animal. The computer “mouse” – same thing as rodent? I guess so – it does resemble one. But if it weren’t, then I wonder if the same plural form would have applied.

    Also all of this reminds me of a silly joke (although I will shamelessly admit to laughing out aloud when I heard it the first time)
    Q: Why couldn’t Lord Muruga surf the net (perhaps to find the best air deal to get circle the world 😉 ) ?
    A: Because Lord Ganesha ran away with the mouse.


  10. First time here!!! nice blog. 🙂 and u have never had to talk about more than one mouse?? how?? what if u wanted to ask somebody “do u have many mice at ur place?” or something? what would u do?? ok i am jus being silly!! 😉

    BTW if the plural of mouse is mice shouldnt the plural of spouse ideally be spice?? 😉


  11. Priya – 🙂 another namesake! Chances are MS Word thought you’re talking about the real mouse and not the computer mouse. Hmmm? Welcome to TP, btw.

    Rahul – How did I miss Wiki! 🙂

    TopCat – I’ll take her word for it then! 🙂


  12. Manoj – Ok, ok, relax! It’s just another thought process in my head! We’ve all agreed it’s ‘mouse devices’ 🙂

    Arunk – For the blogroll, Thx! 🙂 As to the PJ about Murugan/Ganesh, iyo!! EKSI! 😉

    Revs – “what if u wanted to ask somebody “do u have many mice at ur place?” – that conversation would go like this:
    Me: Do you have a mouse for your computer?
    Other person: Yes.
    Me: How many do you have?

    😉 get the picture? And no comments on the plural of spouse – like it’s said, Enligsh is a very funny language! 😉
    Weclome to TP and where have I seen your name before? it’s very familiar 😕


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