Selective amnesia

Well, hello there! What’re you wonderful people (or just you wonderful person) doin’ here?!

Blog? What blog? I don’t see no blog here!

What? Seriously, what’re you doin’ here? Is someone distributing something? Is it cash? If it’s not, can I exchange it? No? WHAT?!!

Oh wait..what’s this under the cobwebs?

Whaddya know, it is indeed a blog! I wonder who owns this pathetic piece o’ iCrap (that’s internet crap if you’re feeling dunce-y).

Hmmm.. you know, is it just me or does this writing seem vaguely familiar? The sarcasm is definitely familiar.

Why are you all looking at me like that?


What’s this on the url? thotprocess? But.. but..that’s..



Updated: Stupid WordPress changed the Dashboard and everything else on it. So till I figure out how to increase the font, please to use magnifying lens and/or microscope, depending on your eyesight (or the lack thereof).

14 thoughts on “Selective amnesia

  1. PI – iyo, dont ask! looks like one really has to work to earn one’s bread (and jam and the butter and the scrambled eggs and the orange juice and the coffee) 😦

    Me – whaaa?!!! me no olarifying.. me just trying to update blog and not let those cobwebs form… update pannaalum thappu, pannelenaalum thappu!

    Manoj – if you’re so smart, why don’t you tell me how? hmmm? hmmm? hmmmm?


  2. i thought you wanted to increase font size?

    anyways, i’ll teach you both. first hold the lower end of a letter with one hand and the upper end with the other hand. now pull hard until desired size is reached. if you want to shrink it, place one palm below the letter and squeeze hard from top with the other palm until it becomes short enough. repeat for all letters in post. (remember to drink water when you feel tired)

    seriously, thats the only non-geeky way to do that on a blog. limitation. you should move to private hosting to customize wordpress or purchase the css upgrade from them.

    or you can get into the html tab on your post editor and enclose your entire post inside “big” tags “…. (you know html, no?)

    or check the latest post on my blog for a super solution 🙂


  3. Entharo mahaanubhaavulu…soooo long since I dirtied ur blog space with my comments! LOL…expect more of this in future..and watz this cribbiing abt font size..nothing better 2 crib abt..?


  4. Manoj – sorry I asked 😐 I’ve learnt my lesson. It’s bitter. Yuck!

    Nithya – one more time, perhaps? 😉 what would I do without you faithfuls! Bless your dear hearts! 🙂

    Sunil – Join the club! 🙂


  5. Lahari – 🙂 hey long time! Ok, let’s make a deal. I’ll put the proper size the next post onwards and you’ll give me a million dollars right now? Ok? 😉

    Prasanth – Well hullo! look what the cat brought in! 🙂 yes yes, chaala mahaanubhaavulu.. you and your trusted comrade-in-arms (aka Prof.Varghese Alexander) built a memorial for my 360 blog (with the pigeons et al, mind you)… ippom ivideyum eththi, alle? enikku vayya.. shalyam aanallo ende deivame!


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