Mice or mouses?

There’s a curious cat on my head and it wants to know this –

Is the plural of a computer mouse, mice?

I heard Nikhil Chinnappa (the same bloke who thinks he’s the coolest Homo sapien ever to inhabit this planet just because he can wear stupid t-shirts, a stupid ear-stud and prance around on MTV throwing attitude by the gallons) refer to them as ‘mice’ and it somehow didn’t sound right to me. Come to think of it, ‘mouses’ sounds even more strange – like you were gonna say ‘Moses’ and somehow your accent got the better of you types.

My take on this: There is no plural. You can only talk about one mouse. At any given point of time. Simple. Makes life less complicated.

Yep, I either blog nonsense or nothing at all. Sue me.

VVS, go back!

Dear VVS Laxman,

Please go home. You’re ruining it for us. With a team like this (Gilly, Symonds, Vaas, Rohit Sharma), only a captain like you can manage to lose a winning match. Seriously, go home and come back only when the Test squad is being announced.

If you’re having withdrawal symptoms after 3 big matches in the IPL, please atleast handover captaincy to Gilchrist and go back to scoring 0s and 2s. We will do you a favor and assume we’re playing with one man less. Deccan Chronicle might still give you some pocket money.

Did you realize how incredibly foolish you looked in the last match when you didn’t keep 3 men inside the circle and your opponents had to wave and shout from the bench to the umpire to penalize you with a no-ball? I guess RP saved your backside by bowling out the batsman on the next ball. That’s once, VVS.

We have no words to describe your amazing strategy in the last match to place your field to stop the 2s and 3s while the batsmen had a field day with the 4s and 6s.  Forget dropping catches, the fielders were not even near the darn ball when it was falling down. We would really appreciate it if, going forward, you just acted as the captain and let the better players in the team make the real captain decisions on the field placements and whom to bowl. We might actually win a match then.

All this said, we are however very thankful that you took only 1 ball to score your 0 runs in the first DC IPL match. Please to maintain this on the fateful chance that you do play again. 1 ball. We don’t care how many runs. Just the 1 ball. And you walk back and you sit down on the bench. And stay there till it’s time again to score a 0.

And finally, till you do us Hyderabadis this huge favor of stepping down as captain due to your incompetencies, my family and I are shifting support to the Chennai Super Kings.

Thanks and regards,

An erstwhile DC fan.

Selective amnesia

Well, hello there! What’re you wonderful people (or just you wonderful person) doin’ here?!

Blog? What blog? I don’t see no blog here!

What? Seriously, what’re you doin’ here? Is someone distributing something? Is it cash? If it’s not, can I exchange it? No? WHAT?!!

Oh wait..what’s this under the cobwebs?

Whaddya know, it is indeed a blog! I wonder who owns this pathetic piece o’ iCrap (that’s internet crap if you’re feeling dunce-y).

Hmmm.. you know, is it just me or does this writing seem vaguely familiar? The sarcasm is definitely familiar.

Why are you all looking at me like that?


What’s this on the url? thotprocess? But.. but..that’s..



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