On my way to work…

…I saw this 3 year old wearing a white pair of pants with these letters written on it – ‘WTF’. Yes, those exact three, in that exact order. 3 years old. To school. I’m hoping their parents didn’t tell him what it actually stood for and told him it’s Where’s The Fire instead. And then confused the hell out of him on why that question has to appear on his clothes.

…I saw this lady riding a Yamaha motorcycle. Call me what you want, but I don’t think women should ride such macho stuff. C’mon, whatever happened to being graceful and all? The next thing I know some petite 18 something will be on a Harley, completely at home being a biker. Like the kid’s pants said, Where’s The Fire?

…I realized that there should be rules about speed-breakers. You can’t just build ’em up wherever you feel like. I’ve seen mud track races that are smoother than some of the roads I have to use on my commute to work!

…the autorickshaw* I used had sideboards with photos of famous movie stars. Only problem is, the ones who make those photographs do not have access to good Photoshop kinda¬†tools. Kareena and Salman would die if they saw what they look like in today’s autorick. Sanjay Dutt might not mind though. He looked pretty darn ok himself.

…I remembered I hadn’t blogged in ages. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. Oh wait, I do. Lazy is the word I’m looking for. Also ‘drowned in work’. And ‘sudden disappearance of all skills related to writing’. Ok, I don’t know what’s wrong with me.

…I can write blog posts in my head. And conveniently forget the whole thing by the time I can actually write the post. Which explains why I have written only what I’ve written and nothing more. Did I hear someone say ‘Thank God’? Getouttahere!


* – The Wiki link is for my <cough>international<cough> readers who haven’t been to India. Yes, yes, we indulge ourselves like that once in a while. Humor us, will ya?