TV Women..(sing to the tunes of ‘Pretty Woman’. can’t? did you even try? Liar!)

We watch a lot of TV. It irritates a lot of people (read: one person) at home, but what the heck, a girl’s gotta have her TV, right? Since we’re particulary out of blog-topics for a while now, we’re going to discuss the women we watch on TV everyday. All 3 of us, yes. We’re also going one step further and categorizing these women into ‘like’, ‘not like’, ‘undecided’, ‘luurve’, etc. It’s a useless post, so please feel free to walk out at any time. No offence taken, ok? (Yeah, you think?)

And oh, if you do watch the following shows you’ll either get sick and tired of clicking all the links or you’ll get sick and tired of clicking all the links : Grey’s Anatomy, Ally McBeal, Bionic Woman, Desperate Housewives, Ghost Whisperer, Ugly Betty, House MD, X Files, Buffy the vampire slayer, Sex and the City, Brothers & Sisters.

We don’t like Meredith Grey. It’s not fair that an entire show revolves around her and her relationship with other married doctors (aka McDreamy). And for the world of me, I don’t know why McDreamy appears so doggone crazy about her! Seriously dude, you have to get a life.

Ally McBeal is weirdness incarnate. Only surpassed ofcourse by John Cage. I don’t think normal people have dancing baby hallucinations. I wonder why she’s never been to a shrink. Or has she?

We like Jamie Sommers. She’s cute and she can kick backsides. And she has bionic body parts that give her superhuman strength (at times). We like the idea of women with superhuman strength. But sorry, mine can only be used for good.

We’re undecided about Niki Sanders. We both suffer from MPD – does that explain my undecidedness?

We like Cuddy. We especially like the way House snubs her. Which is why she’s here on the list even though she’s not the star of the show.

We really like Dana Scully. She was our first TV hero (X-Files being our first grown-up series after FRIENDS and assorted cartoons including, but not limited to, Tom & Jerry, Popeye and Roadrunner). She’s smart (like us), looks good (again, like us) and she’s in the FBI! FBI’s not as cool as it sounds eh? Whatever.

We like Melinda Gordon. She’s spooky and can talk to ghosts. We get scared at times, but we hang on to dear husband and get through it. We absolutely adore her clothes. Even when they seem completely out of place in a sequence. Yes, we are crazy like that.

We don’t like Buffy. She’s just too frivolous! Yeah, even when she’s hunting down vampires with her lame sidekicks.

We’re again undecided about Carrie Bradshaw. We find her funny and level-headed at times, but we’re really really jealous of all her shoes. Who wouldn’t be?! (Imelda Marcos might not be, but we’re not her). Her friends are fun too. Her boyfriends? Naah.

We absolutely luurve Betty Suarez. She makes everyone feel good about themselves, doesn’t she? We want her to kick Wilhemina all the way to hell and become the Chief Editor of Mode. Daniel can be her secretary. (There’s a reason why we don’t write stories for drama series like this.)

We don’t mind Kitty Walker. But we just can’t get Ally out of our minds when we’re watching her! Go figure.

We like Bree, like Lynette, don’t like Susan (same reason why we don’t like Meredith Grey), like Gabrielle and don’t mind Edie.

There are other pretty and not-so-pretty ladies out there on TV whom we watch (notice how we’re on first name basis with most of ’em?). We might’ve missed some out of this list (mostly because it’s dinner time and my brain refuses to think about anything but F O O D) but we’d like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of them for entertaining us the way they do.

The men are conspicuous by their absence? Yes. That was the intention.


13 thoughts on “TV Women..(sing to the tunes of ‘Pretty Woman’. can’t? did you even try? Liar!)

  1. You forgot two of the best… Sarah Walker and Ellie Bartowsky. Personally, those two sharing screen time is hard on me.

    Will leave you to sort out the references 😉


  2. Amey – 🙂 Sarah Walker, yes. and Ellie Bartowsky as in Chuck Bartowsky’s sis? Nope, ‘Chuck’ doesn’t show in India yet so I haven’t even seen it!

    Fraggerinred – 🙂 no no no..


  3. Well , iam not at all averse to Television , but I draw a blank when it comes to english serials, i more at home watching sports when i can get the TV to myself or some desi soaps hindi and Tami . But that took very little away , so I enjoyed this post nonetheless .

    Lolz @ Stefania …Men need to be dissected as well and I bet it will make for an even more absorbing post .


  4. Oh, I meant “Agent” Sarah Walker. And I agree, Chuck hasn’t even finished the first season here (more’s the pity) so it wouldn’t be airing in India yet.

    And did I mention Officer Ziva David?


  5. how can you not love wilhelmina??? she has the evil eyebrow. but my favourite character on tv is bree. she’s such a freak show! i love her entire family. also ugly betty’s little brother. i want to adopt him.


  6. What’s this fraggerinred!? That was my comment. Seems like some dumbo didn’t log out of his wordpress account when I posted that. I so hate net cafes, I wanna dump home-made fertilizer and rat poison into them.

    ..or i could have MPD and fraggerinred is just the other me…?


  7. Love the post…Dana Scully ROCKS!

    When I went to the X-Files Movie years ago — I still remember her barking out an order in the opening scene — and men in the theater yelled out in ecstacy!


    Miss you, Priya!



  8. Princess – caramel popcorn? and you don’t even offer me some?! how mean!

    Ganesh – I could watch the regional language soap operas (I have a lot of variety ‘coz I can understand telugu, tamil, hindi and malayalam), but I then I’d like to retain the last bit of sanity I have..soo… 😉

    TopCat – Nope! you gotta be the leading lady (or close) to make it to my list 😀

    Amey – Please to not show off that all seasons air first in the US of A. I’m just glad they show it here atleast a bit late.. and pray who is Ziva David?


  9. Pri – sometimes Bree scares me! 😦 and no, I’m still not very fond of Wilhemina.. eyebrows are too evil for comfort, me thinks!

    Manoj – MPD? welcome to the club! 🙂

    J-Ha – Look who dropped by! 🙂

    Me – hello?


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