Movies, Roadies and Mazes. And a hoax. And ofcourse, a darn Monday.

Yes, one is still here working and doing all those mundane things that not-so-rich people do. I called that UK number (which was not fake) and left a message (which seemed very very very suspicious). One waits patiently for a call.

In other news, I saw Jodha Akbar. Hrithik was good, so was Aishwarya. But the direction? It’s hard to believe this movie was made by the same guy who made Lagaan. The scenes are very amateurish, the camera work downright shoddy – so much so, in some scenes I could see the camera’s shadow on the screen!! Seriously, that’s good camerawork? And the battle scenes were pathetic. It’s like the director does not know that there exists technology which can create miracles with battle scenes – does one not remember 300? or Troy? Pathetic. But the saving grace were the actors and the story. I liked it. The length gets to you during one or two songs, otherwise it’s not so bad. ARR has outdone himself (no surprises there!) yet again. On a scale of 1-10, I’d give this a 6.

In some other news, did you happen to watch the MTV Roadies 5.0 Journey this weekend? One of the tasks was a quiz, to be answered by 5 girls and helped in a different way by 5 guys. Get this – only 1 in those 5 girls knew who the President of the country was. And their excuse? One of them said she lives in a hostel and hence does not have access to a newspaper. You know how we laughed at a certain English woman (aka Jade Goody) who thought the Sistine Chapel was painted by Pistacchio? Or how we laughed at some Americans when they couldn’t find their own country on a map? Well, we’re not all that great either. We do have some schmucks in our own house. And for the question ‘Where’s the highest cricket ground in the world?’, one said Bangalore and another said Malaysia. Go figure.

Now that we’ve cleared up the two most interesting events of the past week(s?), we move on to the usual useless programming.

– It happens all the time. There will always be one loser in the cinema hall who will read every single thing on screen (repeat, EVERY SINGLE READABLE CHARACTER ON SCREEN), out loud. Yes, we’re all illiterate blind gits sitting there, unable to read English and we need His Loudness to help us out.

– Aforementioned loser will sit one row behind me. So will the other loser who refuses to turn his mobile phone off (or put it on silent mode) and worse, proceeds to answer every single call (and he happened to get a dozen) and worser still, talks for 5 whole minutes in the crassest possible voice, with the slangest possible of Hindis. I should be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for the sole reason that I let these two live.

– People still drink Diet Coke. Seriously. They should officially declare ‘Diet Coke’ an oxymoron.

– I don’t know about the PVR Cineplexes in other cities, but the one in Hyderabad is a maze. It’s also a veritable death trap in case of a fire. Exit signs won’t be visible even under an electron microscope. If there’s a fire and you’re on the 5th floor, the only way out is to jump down to your death. Really.

– I was kidding about the retirement, ofcourse.

– And apparently Ms.Rose Wood was kidding about the lottery too.

9 thoughts on “Movies, Roadies and Mazes. And a hoax. And ofcourse, a darn Monday.

  1. poor you, we are the less fortunate ones. all eight people surrounding you will have their phones ringing at somepoint of time during the movie.

    Hey, its AMC cinemas and its the US, but then they don’t wanna give you the feeling that you are away from home….!


  2. you saw jodhaa akbar? thats cool. me wanna see it soon. i heard from some friends tht its excellent.

    as for the losers in the cinema, completely agree with ya. 😦


  3. Yeah I agree Jodha Akbar is pathetic, it seems that Akbar was the messenger of god and the rest of the kings were just existing on this earth, I really wonder if Akbar wouldn’t have been there, what would have happened to the Unity and Secular Nature of our country. During the battle scenes the funniest of them all was when the archer was being guarded by 5 men and he ultimately shot King Hemu, great work man!!! Arjun would definitely suffer from inferiority complex.

    Roadies… I watch it for Sonel, she is cute!



  4. I don’t know where the highest cricket ground in the world is, but I will guess somewhere in Kashmir (does Srinagar have an international ground?) or Himachal. That said, the real answer would be at the highest point where Indians have reached (because given a 10X10 room, we can play cricket :D)

    In US, they have this great campaign where hollywood people drop in when people are talking on phone and start directing. The message: “We don’t interrupt your calls, so turn on your cellphones in movie halls”. Brilliant one, don’t know if it has reached India.


  5. Well .. I totally empathise with you on having to sit with the loosers to watch the movie. Even ppl who I went with were going on and on with comments like .. “arrey , ye kya kar raha hai”… “us mote uncle ko dekha, lagta hai ki woh rajput ka raja hai” … Grrr …

    And thanks to the lottery, the readers out here had a great time(laugh) 😀

    ps: JA was much better than that!! 😛


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