Joke, machi!

Overheard at the restaurant during a Saturday night dinner –

Loud Tamil Guy 1: He asked me for a name for his future to-be-born daughter da machaan. Imagine, she’s still not born and he wanted the name.

Silent Tamil Guys: <uncertain laughter>

LTG1: So, he said he wanted some name starting in ‘Ba’. I said ‘Banana’! <uncontrollable laughter from LTG1>

STG: <trying to laugh, not quite succeeding>

LTG1: <still laughing> but machaan, then he says he wants some name which will make heads turn da..<laughing away to glory>

STG: <almost silent, not knowing what to expect>

LTG1: Appo you know what I told? I told him to name her ExcuseMe <laughs hard enough to fall down from chair>

STG: <just when I thought these guys’ were not as moronic as LTG1, they all burst out laughing>

LTG1: <apparently, still enjoying his joke immensely> Correct no, da? When someone comes into the room and calls her ExcuseMe, all heads will turn no?! <still laughing>

This is where I wanted to drown myself in the bowl of Dal Tadka.


18 thoughts on “Joke, machi!

  1. When I saw the word ‘Tamil’ I was really disappointed. Another joke I wouldn’t understand, all because I don’t speak the language….
    And now.
    It could have been in ANY language in the world, and still have had my blessings.


  2. Taurus – no wonder I thought it sounded familiar! πŸ™‚

    Swat – entertainment is freely available in this world.. if only one is willing to eavesdrop πŸ˜‰

    Amey – πŸ˜€ yep, we do.


  3. Max – I don’t know..I was concentrating in measuring his MQ (moron-ness quotient) πŸ˜‰

    PI – actually a bit entertaining if you get used to the poor jokes πŸ˜€

    Princess – good good.. we need all the blessings we can get.. by we I mean our blog.. by our I mean my πŸ™‚


  4. Clement – I’m pretty sure LTG1’s friend asked for a name as a joke.. but it takes an LTG1 to return the joke as a poor joke!

    Ganesh – er..whats a Ju Vi? btw, me did not eavesdrop.. that guy was LOUD (hence LTG1) πŸ™‚


  5. Ju Vi is short for Junior Vikaten , tamil bi weekly. Absolutely I have no issues if you eavesdrop I never been in vain of being embodiment of all good virtues! If eavesdropping means more lovely blogs from you, then go right ahead by all means .Now if only there was a way i could know when u r seated near my vicinity,but guess will run that risk, so eavesdrop all u can, lol.)


  6. Hahahahaha trust the Tamilians.

    Oh, but nothing beats this one:

    “You are stuck on a raft with two cigarettes but no matches or lighter. How do you light up?”


    “Throw one cigarette off the raft. The raft becomes lighter. Use the lighter daa!”


  7. awesome!! i can actually see the whole scene ..
    i took the liberty of reading some of ur other posts .. (this can make its way into the stupidest things people say:) ) .. if u think ovr is a death trap .. try prasads on a weekend … and all u need to is look up as ur going on the elevator and u can see teens with a line for a moustache trying to get some view of u know what!
    i thought there was lack of intelligent life in hyd! πŸ™‚ till i came here ofcourse πŸ™‚


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