Nike – Flat 50% off

Adidas – Upto 50% off

Reebok – Upto 50% off

Levi’s – Grab offer – Grab 1, get 10% off, Grab 2, get 20% off, etc. Upto 50% off

Pepe – Upto 40% off

Restaurant Basil – Anniversary celebration, desserts are on the house.

And what exactly happened?

Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Pepe – The merchandise worth buying are not on sale. The ones I wouldn’t touch with a barge pole, incidentally, are.

Levi’s – Ditto reason above. And the worst part is, every single pair of jeans there costs upward of 2k. After the darn discount!

Basil – Apparently ‘on the house’ means ‘complimentary’. Pardon moi for thinking it actually meant I can order what I want on the dessert menu and it’s ‘on the house’. No sir. They decide what dessert  I eat. And FYI, it contained 2 milligrams of coconut-burfi like thing, 2 teaspoons of Kubani ka meetha and 2 microscopic pieces of rasmalai floating in a nanogram of the malai – all this for 2 people!


Lesson learnt: If it sounds too good to be true, it probably isn’t.


11 thoughts on “Really?

  1. Yeah I went to the Nike sale and all the shoes are good for nothing, and above all they don’t know the basics of running shoes (Control, Cushioning etc). which is the least expected out of the sports store.

    Levis: never had the courage to go inside the store, as wearing a Jens with a price tag of 2.5 K seems wierd, so I stick to Wrangler



  2. “Lesson learnt: If it sounds too good to be true, it probably isn’t.”

    very true. there are no free lunches in life. and that applies to discount sales as well.


  3. Okay, I have been out of the loop for the past month so forgive me for commenting on your previous posts here 🙂

    But on reading your cricket down under post, I thought, “OMG! Priya married Voldemort!” the way you keep saying you-know-who 🙂

    And pssst have you heard my grad-student-special apple joke?
    Why shouldn’t grad students eat apples?
    Because an apple a day keeps the doctorate away.

    And I actually did go to the Nike sale on Radhakrishnan Salai to scavenge for a pair of shoes. Even found a pair I liked enough to buy. I have low expectations when I go shopping you see 😉


  4. Shantanu – Nike used to be good at one point, but these days their models itself are pretty stale.. Rbk and Adidas have better collections. I heard Nike Air is real good, but the starting prices is like 2.5k!

    PI – You bet! 🙂 but everytime you see the words ‘Sale’, something inside you makes you all dumb and gullible 😉

    Venkat – absolutely! you owe me one now for saving you all that money. (and no, you can’t talk about Kafka on the Shore here)


  5. Prashanth – tell me, is this a grad student thing? or is it just you? 😉 As to getting the shoes you want, yeah, low expectations help!

    Rusty N – exactly!! I get so irritated when they put all crappy things on sale and the nice ones are all still expensive n stuff 😦


  6. I had a similar experience when i bought my mobile,lol.

    But what you say about the sale is true , why does it always happen that whats on sale is never what we want , guess something to do with our taste, lol.


  7. I was about to blog on the Levi’s offer. that’s one crazy offer. they have huge hoardings which say 50%, but that’s only if we take 5 garments. they say 40%, but that’s only if we buy 4 garments .. so the end of the day the offer in hand is just 10%….
    Nice way to attract aka fool customers. 🙂


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