A for Apple, B for Burn, C for Candle, D for Dunce, E for Email, F for Forward (this is my longest title ever. I think.)

If you thought an apple a day keeps the doctor away, well, apparently you thought wrong! Now I’m not the one who puts up forwarded posts on the blog, but I just couldn’t pass up on this one – reproduced verbatim (with pictures) from the email I received.

Be Careful while eating apples

Pls don’t eat the skin of the apple becoz it’s coated with wax

Plz Plz Plz … Dont spoil ur body Please, I beg ur pardon.

Check before you eat many of the fruits.

WAX is being used as preservation Purposes and then cold stored.

You might be surprised especially apples from USA and other parts are more than one year old, though it would look fresh. Becox wax is coated preventing bacteria to enter. So it does not get dry.

  Please Eat Apples after taking the wax as demonstrated below.Please follow this and send it to 100 people so that after your death, you will be welcomed by candle lights.

 If you disobey , even if u believe or not, you will be burn with candles. As we cannot bear that heat in our body, please forward it to 100 or more. This is real one.



Now, in all honesty, I don’t know if this is a hoax or not.  They could really be using wax on apples to keep them fresh, I wouldn’t know!

But the reason I’m laughing uncontrollably everytime I read this is the desperation in the person’s tone when he/she doesn’t want us eating apples with wax on it! And the concern? Oh my God, the concern – ‘Dont spoil your body Please, I beg ur pardon.‘!

If you send it to 100 people, you will apparently be welcomed by candle lights after you die! And guess what? I’ve posted it on my blog! I think I should be gettin’ some fireworks and not just candles, eh? That would be nice.

And the next big thing: if you don’t send it, you will be burned with candles. Now if you’re the kind who doesn’t know what ‘burning’ means, explanation is right at hand – ‘As we cannot bear that heat in our body‘! Goshdarnit, how come I didn’t realize that! Man, what a genius!

Finally, the clincher: ‘This is real one‘. Reminds me of another clincher: ‘Yellow yellow dirty fellow, White white Orbit white. It does not rhyme, but it is a true’.

Yep, absolutely. No more waxed apples for me, no sire! And I’d hate to be burned with candles, so if I have your email ID, rest assured you’ll be hearing from me very very soon.

And, hey, don’t mind the title, I just had a wave of creativity wash over me when I was typing the title. I started with ‘G for’ also, but then there’s no point killing all my readers all at once. Easy does it, what say?


16 thoughts on “A for Apple, B for Burn, C for Candle, D for Dunce, E for Email, F for Forward (this is my longest title ever. I think.)

  1. Lol, good one. About a month ago, a friend of mine who is really into these things (organic food, “green” movement etc.) told me about this wax. The food industry in the US uses wax to make some fruits and vegetables appear shiny. He didn’t say anything about wax being used for preservation. Hmm. maybe I should forward your post to him; in which case, I would only have another 99 to go. 😉


  2. Yes, its a practice in US and some countries to coat it with wax.

    Its practice here to rub hard the apple with kitchen paper to remove wax.

    wax is used to avoid bacteria and preserve freshness. shineness is not one of them (otherwise ppl would have sued millions)

    and here is my fav rhyme read in school

    roses are red
    violets are blue
    monkeys like you
    should go to zoo
    – desk kirukan


  3. This is very much true, even i had my doubts in the beginning but when i personally checked a few apples in stores and in friends house, there was wax!



  4. I would look forward to your waxing eloquent about an old flame. Just appleye your mind to it. The post will remain fresh for one ear, at least.
    I thought this answer was blowin’ in the wind, my friend!


  5. I guess it goes something like this:

    If you send it to 100 people, then they will scrape enough wax off the apples to burn candles when you pass away (in the process, saving electricity).

    If you don’t send this across, you are bound to forget the warning, and the build-up of wax inside your digestive tract may lead to some incendiary consequences. 😉


  6. The only thing missing here is phrase like “this was published in yesterday’s new york times”…. lol.. when was this yesterday
    Anyway, fruits are coated with thin layers, but a thorough rinse should be sufficient 😛

    PS: Make sure the fireworks are environment friendly.. hehe


  7. Max – 🙂 yeah but the problem is washing is not enough ‘coz obviously washing doesn’t remove wax (unless ofcourse the water is boiling hot in which case the apple will probably bake before I can eat it) 😉

    BPSK – Just FYI, you can’t forward it back to where it came from (meaning you can’t send it to me) 🙂

    Jam – Monkey? I can complain to the ICC about racism you know 😉


  8. PI – Hmm..won’t be so funny if you don’t send it to 100 people and do get burned by the candles ok? 😉

    Anand – Really? wow.. I’ll be careful with my apples now..

    Me – FDA approved? you’re kidding rt? either way, wax is not one of my fav foods 🙂


  9. Rusty N – 🙂 As long as you don’t eat any match sticks, I think you’ll be ok with that candle factory 😉 (poor joke, I know..I need a break!)

    Doc – Hey, look who’s here! 🙂 yes yes, we’re bowled over by your word play as usual..and a wee bit jealous (if I may openly say so)

    Amey – OMG, you’re even worse than the bloke who wrote it! 😀

    Priyank – 😀 yep, typical hoax-y language isn’t it? yeah yeah..where am I going to get env friendly fireworks? In India that is..


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