Monkey business?

Is it just me or does anyone else feel like taking a mallet to Messrs. Bucknor & Benson’s respective heads? Not to mention firing an entire nuclear warhead on His Royal Lowness, The One with the Most Integrity, He Whose Cricketing Spirit Shalt Not Be Doubted, Ricky ‘The Cheater’ Ponting?

And I don’t know why people keep talking about ‘bad’ umpiring as opposed to ‘blatantly biased’ umpiring. It can’t be that you suffer from selective blindness when the Indians are batting!

You know, it just makes me oh so angry!!! AND I’M NOT EVEN A CRICKET FAN!!

Darn, I hate writing about cricket (mostly because He-Who-Has-The-Remote-Control refuses to switch channels for hours together when a match is on) and look what these creeps Down Under are making me do?!!

And what’s this whole circus (pun unintended) about the ‘M’ word? You know what, it’s Monkey. Not ‘M’ word. Monkey Monkey Monkey. There. It’s not like it’s a swear word, for Godsakes!

BTW, if there’s anyone who should be complaining the loudest, it has to be the monkeys. Did Procter even bother hearing the monkeys’ version of events?! Doesn’t that amount to racism against the poor simians?

In Gavaskar’s own words (while doing the commentary for the Sydney Test) – This is utter nonsense! Utter nonsense!


P.S: If one’s level of literacy were to be measured by one’s knowledge of Cricket or the nuances in it or the politics in it or just about anything in it, then I’m someone who probably flunked kindergarten twice. So if you have plans of ‘enlightening’ me on why I shouldn’t be mad at Ponting, Bucknor & Co. (PBC), thank you very much, but no thank you. I’ve got all required cricket gyan already from You-Know-Who.

As to colorful descriptions of PBC, hey, what’s a game if I can’t call the players names! (Yes yes, it almost rhymed, you’re very attentive, good.)


3 thoughts on “Monkey business?

  1. Ooh, an opportunity to educate somebody… I live for these 😉

    From what I know of the issue, apparently “monkey” is synonymous with a person considered lesser than human. Given the treatment of aborigines in Aus, and Symmond’s background (he is of African origin), this is supposedly racist.


  2. Ya know, I realized it was taken in that sense by the Aussies. But if Bhajji were to say he was just invoking blessings from Hanumanji, why can’t ICC take that explanation too?!! Racism, I say! 😉

    PS: I’m gonna burn in hell, I am.


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