Then and Now

Other-Me has graciously agreed to let me sneak in a post. I just think Other-Me is a perfect dunce who can’t even write ABCD, leave alone an entire post. I know I’ll pay the price for the previous line, but it’s so totally worth it!


When I was a kid…
…I believed that if you ate the seed inside a fruit, a fruit tree would grow out of your ears. I swallowed a jackfruit seed once – my uncle freaked me out completely by describing the consequences.

…I knew nothing about Test Cricket. I remember being confused on which player belonged to which team on the field ‘coz all of them wore white! It never occured to me that one team bats and one team bowls, so the ones with the bat belonged to the other team. Umpires wore black trousers, so I was good there.

…I used to eat pastries like eating any normal cake – with my hand. Come to think of it, there was nothing called pastry – it’s either plum cake or cream cake. And both fit your mouth. Life was simpler.

…I didn’t celebrate Christmas and I didn’t believe in Santa Claus. Santa, for me, was our convent school assistant-headmaster with a fake white beard and a fake big belly who had Cadbury Eclairs in his red sack, which he threw out to us kids after the school’s Christmas celebrations.

…I used to keep a journal of sorts with my favorite stuff in it. Like Steffi Graf winning the Wimbledon, Sridevi (the actress!), Salman Khan (stop snickering, we all had our moments of insanity), etc. And an occasional poem (very stupid sounding poem in hindsight) and I still remember, a recipe for mashed potatoes. I covered the book in colorful gift-wrap paper and put a cellophane cover on top of that. Then I stuck label and wrote a warning on the first page – ‘Do not read’ (pesky sibling, need scary warning).


…I told my cousins (children of the aforementioned uncle) the same story about seeds, trees and trees from ears and freaked them out. You should’ve seen them jump out of their skins when I ‘accidentally’ gave them a jackfruit seed instead of the fruit. Hah!

…I know what happens in Test Cricket. I even know what ‘follow on’ means. But I still cannot identify an LBW case without the graphic that actually shows the ball’s trajectory till it hits the stumps. Then I join my husband in cursing the umpire for not giving an out. It’s all about the cursing, people.

…I eat pastry with a fork, a pastry that’s bigger than my palm. And then I spend the next 2 hours worrying about the calories. And then I eat some more pastry to forget the guilt. Tough life!

…I celebrate Christmas and I still don’t believe in Santa Claus. I believe in my husband!

…I have a blog with my favorite stuff in it. No Steffi Graf or Salman Khan (dear God, no!). Poems (some stupider than before) and no recipes. I use girly headers on the blog and actually expect people to come and read my blog. I think I grew up.


19 thoughts on “Then and Now

  1. hey forgot to mention, I very much wanted to read up on the room – but strangely the site does not open. My office blocks it saying a popular website for social networking!!!! Missy, you are popularrrrrrrrrrr so much so, I dont get to read you any more 😦


  2. he he he he! i used to believe in the seeds thing too, and i had a scrap book too. well, many scrap books, very much similar to yours! 🙂 and, i still don’t follow cricket. 😦 i never did!


  3. Rusty N – Cmon! I was in my 3 or 4th grade and Salman Khan was the coolest hero my classmates (who were mostly Hindi speaking) used to drool on… I would blame it on peer pressure 😉 and whats this I hear about Prose and Verse being a social networking site?!!! :-O I’m clueless why that would be so…

    PI – You don’t have to follow cricket now. But when you get married (assuming you marry an Indian guy) you’ll have to do it anyway. 🙂


  4. Loved this post, and kinda got nostalgic with the seed and Jack fruit incident.

    Santa: I know we never used to relate to the Idea of christmas, it was only celebrated in our convent school, yeah Diwali was more practical 😛



  5. Idhu evalovo paravalla…My uncle said if you ate the seed inside a fruit, a fruit tree would grow out of your rear

    Btw have you tasted Jackfruit seed sambhar? It is too good.

    …believe me..folks who cry on Mondays before they goto office, who hit their toes often…never grow up… 🙂


  6. Watching any sport with a group is quite easy. Just be ready to shout whenever the group does. If you want to be more specific with your curses and encouragements, you have to make sure that the group is supporting only one side. 😉

    And why the ears? Doesn’t the digestive canal has mouth at its one end?


  7. Now the how did u manage to swallow a jack fruit seed that takes a lot of JAWS, lol. Jack fruit can I have some ?? sighs !!

    Not bad , I must agree you have made progress to even learn the Follow On rule …. slow as it may be , but not bad at all, lol.


  8. lol for me it was the orange tree…i was always quite the lazy one who neve rbothered to spit out the seeds..

    and wrt test

    awesome post…ranks among my most favorite in ur blog..if not the most


  9. Shantnu – 🙂 it’s a great feeling to think back on those childhood memories, isnt it?

    Me – ouch, that must’ve hurt 😉 I haven’t tried jackfruit seed sambhar, we generally make a dry dish (poriyal types) with it..that’s yummy though.

    Amey – It’s just more painful to imagine a tree growing out of your ears, no? 😉 that’s why.


  10. Juneborn – I know! one day, I’ll even know how to spot an lbw. right now, I wouldn’t know even if it’s plumb! 🙂

    Jam – 🙂 we didn’t have poochandi and boom boom maadu in our was usually a thief who would carry you away in his sack 😀

    Princess – Yes, your royal highness. Anything you say, your royal highness 😉


  11. Sharanyan – wow, you have favorite posts on my blog too? 🙂 neengalaam en blog padikardhe periya vishayam.. adhule favorites kooda irukkunnu sonna.. me orey the happy person 🙂


  12. Jollyroger – 🙂 keep smiling then!

    Amey – Template’s ‘Vermillion Christmas’ – comes with WordPress. Didn’t have the patience to customize it by editing the CSS took it as it is.


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