Absolute nothingness

Why WordPress is not so bad – (an actual error message when I was trying to refresh the Dashboard)


Why Windows is crazy – (an actual error message when I was just sitting in front of the laptop that runs on Windows XP)


And here’s something for you since I’m out of ideas for today. Give me a witty Calvinesque one-liner for the picture below –


What do you get out of it? In short, nothing. C’mon, be a sport, let your imaginations run wild. Who knows, you could be the next Bill Watterson!

In other news, Prose and Verse is finally updated after God knows how long!


14 thoughts on “Absolute nothingness

  1. Amey – Hmmm.. I at least accepted that I’m out of ideas.. what exactly are you doing? huh? 😉

    Priya – it’s good isn’t it? when you see some smarty pant error? less frustrating than those ‘cannot find server’ errors


  2. Calvin : I never thought htis would happen. I’m out of words hobbes. I guess we should try that phantasmatron again, probably increase the level to five so that we avoid zargon space void.

    Awesome error messgae btw…I got “Bad server. No donut for you” after a long long time…it made me nostalgic that I even saved that page 😀


  3. Nithya – viral fever? no wonder you were absconding! hope you’re feeling better now! you can give me a leave letter and you don’t have to come up with the one-liner, I’ll excuse you 😉

    Smitha – you know, it’s not so much as using the words as using them in the context of a specific person 🙂 btw, which batch of RECT were you from?

    Sharanyan – LOL, good one..typical Calvin.. yeah, the no donut error comes in Orkut all the time.. cute at first, got used to it now though

    Appu – 🙂 vechcha kudumi adichcha mottai types 😀 I either write away to glory or leave my blog to die completely..


  4. Amey – Oh like that. If I give you a longer notice, can you do better? 🙂

    Libran – 😦 pathetic, isn’t it? I’m too lazy to switch to my personal laptop for non-official work, so I’m stuck with the Windows loaded office laptop.


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