Words on paper

What do the following have in common?

. A fundamentalist in Pakistan
. A girl on an island
. A girl living amid windy poplars
. A sex worker in South India
. A doomed civilization
. A tree and a sleeping woman
. Snow in a Turkish city

If you guessed it right, bravo! may you be blessed with that which is dearest to your heart.

And if you didn’t, well, they’re all on my bookshelf, people! Every single one of them. I’ve set right the book draught that had afflicted my household, with no new covers in over a month. And a spouse, who has finally resigned to the fact that his wifey is a leeeetle touched in the head when it comes to books, helps a helluva lot. This festive season, instead of jewellery and new dresses, I went for books. And I do not regret it one bit.

Back to the titles. I’ve finally bought Mohsin Hamid’s Reluctant Fundamentalist – it was pending for so long, it actually started to hurt at some point. It’s still wrapped in its original cellophane and I’m having second thoughts about unwrapping it – quite like a gift wrapped Christmas present that begs to be opened, but once opened the surprise of what’s inside is lost. I’ve decided to let it be for the time being, to enjoy the vision of an unopnened book on my bookshelf, a promise of something interesting even if my entire life decided to get boring one fine day. It’s like having a handy bag for an earthquake or a flood with basic necessities for survival.

Reading the PDF format of a book is not quite like reading the real thing – so I bought the next two installments of L.M.Montogomery’s Anne series – Anne of the Island and Anne of Windy Poplars. The print and the binding is a lot like those non-detailed books we used to have in junior school and the memories it brings back are amazing (Nicholas Nickleby, Tom Sawyer, remember?). Can’t wait to catch up with Anne!

‘The Autobiography of a Sex Worker’, by Nalini Jameela was another title I wanted to check out. Apart from the reviews I read, the idea itself was very challenging – the life of a sex worker, that too an autobiography. We’ve seen a lot of these on TV, yes, but reading a book I’m guessing would bring a bit more of a perspective on these persecuted section of society. So, let me see how this one goes (shouldn’t take long, given the book is pretty light compared to most).

I bought my first Bach (‘Curious Lives’). Enough said, eh? If you feel I should’ve checked out the Jonathan Livingston Seagull series first, please do drop a line – for some books, there’s a method to the reading and I don’t want to mess up the experience for myself.

You read Murakami once, rest assured you will go back for more. If the cost doesn’t make you hesitate (the most expensive one in Crosswords was around 490 bucks), you do find a lot of titles these days. Or maybe the titles were always there and I never noticed it! ‘Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman‘ is a collection of his short stories and I must say, I’m taken – hook, line and sinker! This is the one I’ve started with and the more I read, the more ways I find of enjoying Murakami – as a reader, as someone who dreams of writing and of late, as a blogger!

The most recent author I’ve discovered (for myself, ofcourse!) is Orhan Pamuk. ‘My name is Red‘ was an awesome joyride, with all the elements one looks for in a book – mystery, lots of history and ofcourse, the story. So when I saw four copies of a pristine cover reading ‘Snow’ stacked up in the bookstore, I couldn’t resist. ‘Snow‘ is also set in Istanbul and that’s the only thing I know about it till now. If ‘My name is Red’ is anything to go by, I think I’ll enjoy this one too. Pamuk’s latest release is ‘Other Colors‘, a collection of stories and essays, but I’m keeping that for another day at the bookshop (read: so I can remain in my house and not get kicked out).

Quick question now: what the heck am I doing, sitting here in front of my laptop when I have unread books in the house?!

Yeah, you’re right – this doesn’t help my blog one bit. But looks like one does not care. One has books, you see. So one need not care. About anything. Not even a Monday!


18 thoughts on “Words on paper

  1. Oh a nice collection…have a good time reading…yes, the non-detailed books have a great deal of nostalgia attached – Tom Sawyer, Oliver Twist and I remember we had The Scarlet Pimpernel (liked it greatly)…


  2. Sathej – yeah, those NDT books were quite something.. 🙂

    Princess – tell me abt it! love the new books on my shelf right now 😉 and yay, blogchaat is indeed back.. lemme go check my drafts and pull up something 🙂

    Nav – I bought these at Crosswords @ City Center Mall, Banjara Hills… Walden (on L V Prasad Eye hospital road) also has a good collection, but not as much as Crosswords.. there’s another Crosswords at Shoppers Stop in Begumpet.. and there’s Odyssey near the Tanishq showroom in Somajiguda, this one has a good collection too.. these are the ones I generally go to..


  3. Priya Iyer – 🙂 sure thing.. the only thing better than boasting about your books on your blog is to write a review that wouldn’t hold water 😉

    Amey – gosh, have I become that predictable with my rants/jokes? hmmm..time for a change, me thinks..

    Kiran – 🙂 welcome to TP.. and fashion magazines? always reminds me of the Sunscreen Song – ‘dont read fashion magazines, they only make you feel ugly’ 😉


  4. all the titles sound exotic!!
    Me done some reading too..(exams over and hols now u see..)

    I’m done with “silence of the lambs”, “Hannibal rising” and “hannibal” all by thomas harris…the story of hannibal lecter…beautiful but dark story…

    Now starting shantaram…heard its good…

    And Hi!!


  5. Many Thanx for the info 🙂 I will be in Hyd for a couple of weeks, so hope to check out one of those shops, yaaaaay! Oh, I envy you with all these books piled up in your book case. Yeah, would love to see some reviews here on thought process. Last four weeks I have been pouring into Shantaram, hoping to blog abt it in 2008.



  6. Repeating what perhaps thousands of men have said before me (and will say after this), “it’s not you, it’s me”. 😉 Depending on my mood, you know.

    But if change = regular posts, we welcome all change…


  7. Sharanyan – Oh the Hannibal series.. I remember seeing one of those movies and freaking out 🙂 and Shantaram is an awesome book..takes some time, but worth it.. and hey! 😉

    Nav – no problem! glad to be of help to someone visiting my city! 🙂

    Amey – highly diplomatic you are 🙂


  8. Thats serious stuff … never been my cup of tea / coffee.
    Naturally, I drew a blank after reading the first 6 lines.

    Im awe struck to be honest , may be ur voracious reading habit is what makes ur blogs wat they are!


  9. I’ll take that as a good thing 🙂 but yeah, what you read influences a lot of thing in life..sometimes even your outlook towards all that happens in life.. I felt that especially after reading Ayn Rand and Paulo Coelho.. food for the soul, books!


  10. Aaha ! I should probably blame you for my late comment 😐 You barely set your foot into blogosphere 😐 Dhideenu one day vandhu paatha 3 unread posts..Enna idhellam..Che nannave illai P nannave illai 😀

    And you liked My Name is Red ? I couldnt associate myself with that book, dunno why…Ottoman people and I didnt get along, that well, in my purva jenmam 😛 Read half of the book and went back to the library and returned it 😀


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