Long time no see!

More than 2 weeks since an update on this blog. One thought the world would come to an end, but one was very clearly mistaken. Now, wouldn’t it be a brilliant idea to have a Self-Writing Blog (like a Quick Quote Quill?)! Alas, one does not have such luxuries.

Looks like Mr.Murphy is doing overtime when it comes to my blog. The more often I update the blog, the less interesting things there are that’s happening around me. I keep off here for 2 weeks, and look what all happened –

– India wins a World Cup!

– People fight without even an ounce of common sense, on the Sethusamudram project

Dubya kills President Mandela, and reaches new heights of moronism

– India defeats Pakistan and wins a World Cup!

– Rahul Gandhi’s on his way to become like his father. We know now Manmohan Singh’s political days are counted. But wait a minute, weren’t they always counted? Gah, whatever!

– The rupee goes stronger against the mighty dollar. Repeat of 2001? I don’t know.

– ‘Eklavya’ is India’s official entry to the Oscars. Another WTH moment. But hey, not as bad as ‘Paheli’, is it? The world anyway thinks India still lives in the 13the century, so why not substantiate that with facts – facts like ‘Eklavya’.

– India defeats South Africa in the Super 8, defeats Australia in the Semis, defeats Pakistan in the finals and wins a World Cup!

– Shahrukh Khan has a 6 pack abs. Now we officially can’t differentiate between him and the rest of the hunks. Saying he looks gross is an understatement.

– Yours truly made kudumulu (that’s kozhkattai in Tamil and modak in Hindi and ‘steamed rice balls stuffed with sweet stuff’ in English – phew!) for Ganesh Chathurti and it came out pretty darn well! Yay!

– Yours truly also nearly fractured 2 of her toes, by stubbing them against wooden objects which weren’t even on her path. (Meaning, she literally went out of her way and stubbed them poor toes.)

– India defeats South Africa in the Super 8, defeats Australia in the Semis, defeats Pakistan in the finals, wins a World Cup and gets aptly rewarded with cash and cars. The hockey players are miffed. Can someone please tell them this is not the right time to complain? They’ll only make the country hate them for being such spoilsports that they can’t even enjoy a World Cup. A good time to complain would be when the Hockey World Cup (or any equivalent thereof) is won by India and people don’t stand outside the airport in rain to welcome them. It’s all about timing, folks.

– Lots of popular movies released, in Tamil, Telugu, English and Malayalam (the last Hindi movie I saw was Die Hard. heh heh). Moi has not seen any in the last 1 month. Yep, time to get meself some life.

– New books on one’s bookshelf. But absolutely no time to read. None whatsoever. Lots of new books in Crossword and Walden – but no time to shop either. Well, almost. The spouse conveniently avoids taking me near bookshops these days. I’m a dumb idiot who didn’t realize that until very recently. You’d think I was asking for diamonds and Ferraris! It’s just books!!! Sheeesh!

– Lots of draft posts (none more than 2 lines) in my Draft folder. No time, no creativity, no words, no nothing. Time to give up?

So while the world went and had some fun, some of us had to slog our backsides off for the gourmet meals and fancy sports cars. Unfair life!

You guys still do remember me, don’t ya? I was here a while ago. Just 2 weeks back. Remember?


P.S: I feel like crying everytime I see ‘Prose and Verse’. One creative bolt of thunder is all I ask for, Almighty God! One! just one!

P.P.S: Did I mention India won the World Cup?


17 thoughts on “Long time no see!

  1. and yes India won the worldcup!!! and again the Indian Junta made a fuss about what the illiterate Paki captian had to say!

    This country has a long way to go, I dont know why people find a reason here to fight!



  2. Well, self-stirring cauldrons didn’t invent themselves, did they now?

    And what do you have against your toes?

    Did I mention India won the World Cup?

    To paraphrase The Twins, “Hang on, I think I remember her saying something about it,” said the other twin. “Once – ”
    “Or twice -”
    “A minute -”
    “All through the post -“


  3. Well, just yesterday, I had a good mind to ping your comment space and demand for an entry in the prose and verse …
    ( of course, as a reader I have the right to demand right?irrespective of how my own pace is limping..)
    We need more of prose and verse – please…


  4. ya, you did mention that India won the world cup, for sure! 🙂

    and ya, its an unfair unfair world and an unfair unfair life. poor me too slogged it out the whole of last week 😦

    the creativity part applies to me too! 😦 it seems to have flown out of the window! HELP! :((


  5. yes one heck of a week!!!!!

    We had inrams (an interdepartment two day fest) , then an Iv to bangalore the week after and now that im back fromt hat I ‘ve got lab exams and semesters coming up…..awesome week…yes India won….lets see how they do against australia…


  6. Yeh I heard something about some cricket thing down in SA. Apparently ‘humara Bharat’ did well or something? Not that the media thought anything of it 😉

    Nice to see someone has catalogued the events that happened in those two weeks; its often surprising howmuch you realise has happened, after you take a step back.

    Nice, rant-less (for the most part) blog, keep it up.


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