I was just thinking…

…when thoughts flutter by (like a butterfly? heh heh. I couldn’t resist.) in one’s mind, there’s little one can do but wonder how smart and amazingly brilliant one is. Yes, there is no end to the unfairness of this world.


  • Know these hi-fi presentations that your CEO (or any equivalent thereof) gives once in a while? Seen those professional looking models in some of the slides, who look like they’re working with papers, shaking hands, deep in thought or over the phone with a couple of papers in their hand? I mean, what the heck is that all about? You show me an icon that says ‘User’, I’m good. Is it just me or does anyone else find it highly irrelevant and slightly funny? 

  • Some days, one is the butt of all jokes. Most days one is not, but some days one is. And those ‘some’ days are terribly terribly terrible.

  • People have forgotten the word ‘excuse me’. Especially when walking out of an auditorium. They either don’t say it and barge through, or they don’t understand it when you say it and stand like some glorified mummy who once owned the strip of carpet they’re standing on. It’s called manners, people. It’s what differentiates us from a herd of elephants on a rampage (among other things, ofcourse).

  • Firefox vs IE. I gave up. I use both. (Yep, I’m that insane!)

  • When it’s supposed to rain, it pours. When it’s not supposed to rain, it pours some more.

  • We need to ‘nazar utharo-fy‘ (‘dhrishti suththi pottu-fy‘ in Tamil and ‘remove the bad effects of an evil eye’ in horribly translated English) for Hyderabad. All you jealous people who don’t live here, please to not show ill-thoughts towards my poor city. Enough tragedies. I’m too scared to take the elevator to the parking lot at home now.

  • I can’t remember the last time I had chocolate. (Oh wait, must be last week. But hey, last week is as good as never!)

  • I donno about other cities, but in Hyderabad, if you’re a policeman you can go to any high profile restaurant/pub, get drunk for free and bash up the other customers sitting next to you who dared to order food. I kid you not, I saw it happen. It’s disgusting. If I were in control of these scumbags, I would make them write lines: ‘Law-makers and law-keepers are not above the law’. Using Dolores Umbridge’s special quill.

  • I have a backlog of un-replied comments. But given a choice between putting the gourmet meal on my designer dining table and replying to comments on my blog, I choose the former. Please to excuse petty human being. Aforementioned human being will make it up very soon and be back to the regularly-blogging self. Till then…


P.S: If you’re wondering what’s with the weird colored/shaped bullets in the post above…well, that makes two of us.


14 thoughts on “I was just thinking…

  1. yep that does make two of us !! 😛

    “Some days, one is the butt of all jokes. Most days one is not, but some days one is. And those ’some’ days are terribly terribly terrible.”…hmm if you are the one who jokes about the others on other days then it is unjust that u find it terrible..(or atleast this is how i kid myself 🙂 )


  2. On your first bullet pt, I once heard this from a guy who did his MBA from Kelloggs..

    “I paid through my nose just to learn how to prepare those colorful powerpoints and excel sheets.”

    Our CEO probably paid a fortune for his MBA and wanted to put it in use…. Vittudu paavam, avan avanukku avan avan kashtam 😉


  3. For presentations, all CEOs ppt suck. Checkout blog.guykawasaki.com for some new trend in ppts. I am big fan for 10-20-30 rule.

    I can sacrifice myself for one day if i can make others, butt of my jokes for entire year – havent you heard of round robin rule.

    Reg ‘excuse me’, still India is better. I am forced to use excuse me in US hundreds of time here (as a courtesy also). Nowadays I get irritated when someone bumps and says excuse me. Why the heck he cant go away simply

    World has to be balanced. Thats why I use both IE and Firefox.

    You dont need paint to put evil eye mark in Hyderabad. Smoke in Madhapur road is enough to put a mark in Hyd skies.

    Yentha thaan ponnuga chocelatela vizharango!

    Hyd police is still better. I never have seen police accepting 5rs bribe. These guys are not upto standards of tamilnadu policing

    Why the heck I am replying to your blog I dunno. Where are my sleeping pills


  4. Most days one is not the butt, but some days one is.

    Agreed… The life is constant struggle to be the joker (a.k.a. the one who “carries out” the joke) and not the jokee (a.k.a. the “butt”).

    And as per your request, the petty human being is excused on the condition that she will make it up to us when she gets back.


  5. Sharan – I dont usually joke about others….that much.. 😉

    Aparna – Exactly. The higher you go on the corporate ladder, the more you work on MS Office and Notepad 🙂

    Jam – Yeah, why are you replying like that? 😉 but are you sure you need sleeping pills and not some more coffee?


  6. Fleiger – Heyy!! you cant do that.. but since you excused one petty human being, quid pro quo mister 😉

    Priya Iyer – 🙂

    Mahendra – hehe, thank you..and I corrected the typo..now you’re comment’s PS is baseless..muahahahahaa!!


  7. If I could, I would ask you to write with Umbridge’s quill:
    “I shall not neglect my blog”. That would spoil any chances of you getting married to a decent muggle (assuming without any reason that you are not married)!


  8. Why, oh, why would you assume such a preposterous thing, Doc?!!!! Me is married to a pretty decent muggle… for close to 4 yrs now 🙂 very happily at that.. 🙂 🙂

    Oh wait..you just said ‘without any reason’..

    P.S: Why ‘preposterous’? No reason! 😉


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