I’m it!

Tagged. By Madame Rusty Neurons (which is misleading because her neurons are anything but rusty!) . No idea what the tag is about. So me will make it about me. Simple.

Also tagged by The Great Eagle. This time there are rules for the tag which I’m conveniently choosing to ignore.

And I hereby declare this blog a tag-free zone. Woe to ye, if you tag me.


. I like referring to myself in plural. So you know there are multiple people who should be kicked for writing on this blog.

. We like referring to myself. Period.

. We believe the best accompaniment to any food is hunger.

. We would enjoy doing mistakes only if we didn’t have to learn ‘lessons’ from ’em. Takes the fun out of mistakes, doesn’t it?

. We like travelling. Corollary: We hate packing and unpacking.

. We like cakes. Especially unbaked. Cake batter rocks! And I don’t care about you, Salmonella.

. We used to like chocolates so much that, right now, we can’t stand it.

. 7 points and we referred to food thrice already. Guilty as charged!

. We judge. Left, right and center.

. We believe in girl power. Pink rules!

. We realized last night that sonpapdi belongs to the candy floss family. It’s another matter that no one quite agrees.

. We’d die without books. All 3 of us.

. We’re very very very paranoid about identity theft. We have no idea why.

. One of our dream jobs is to be a librarian in the world’s biggest library. If not a librarian, we’d be happy if someone just let us live in the above mentioned library.

. We trust the alarm in our phone beyond normal levels. You could convince us that there won’t be a sunrise tomorrow, but you can’t convince us that our alarm won’t go off at 7 AM.

. We need alarms to get up at 7 AM.

. We need alarms to get up. Period.

. We sometimes wonder what we would have done if Bill Watterson hadn’t invented Calvin or if Garfield hadnt been drawn or Fred Quimby hadn’t produced Tom & Jerry. We’re sure we would have died due to lack of laughter.

. We’re sure resistentialism exists.

. We love saying profound things. We intend to bring out our own book of profound sayings. Contributions welcome.

. We don’t do tags. This is only the second tag (the first one being on books!) we’ve ever done in our lifetime of blogging (which spans around 3 yrs now).

. We don’t like tags. They make us think.


Phew! There. Done it. And now the best part – I tag the Princess (sweet revenge…muahahaha!) and Sharan (since I didn’t see the word ‘tag’ on his most recent posts). Nithya, congrats on the near escape since I see you already have loads of tags on your blog (I’m much disappointed, fyi).

Folks, I know I haven’t been around to all the blogs in my blogroll (and the others in my Bookmarks) – please to excuse me and give me some more time to catch up. I badly need this job to put the gourmet meal on my table. What all a person has to do for the daily masala dosa, no?


20 thoughts on “I’m it!

  1. Priya Iyer – 🙂 when one gets a chance to display one’s (in)sanity, one shouldn’t let it go. 😉

    Doc – Ah, all studying and no play will make the alphabet a dull lesson! 🙂 (see what I meant about profound sayings? This is proof, right here!) today’s menu, you ask? One has taken a temp break from the kitchen.. when work beckons, all else shall wait…esp if its the kitchen 😉


  2. Identity theft. Hmm. You mean like, creating another orkut id very similar in name to yours, adding the same friends you have, then creating a blog with a similar sounding url and copying all the content from here. Or like phishing for your gmail id, sending unsavoury emails to all contacts.
    muahahaha. must be all the kolkata food making me think up of evil schemes.


  3. Considerate Considerate Priya 😀

    Me haven’t been tagging u, cauz i read somewhere that u dont really take up tags…Idhu appo return gift, right ?? ;)]

    “We used to like chocolates so much that, right now, we can’t stand it.”



  4. I agree with the candy-floss theory. Though it took me a while to realize what the other sweet you mentioned, was. I’ll never get used to seeing Hindi written in English. Or was that Kannada?
    My favourite profound remark was the one about the bowl of curd rice. 😉


  5. thankings! I was afraid you might refuse the tag! (Had a feeling you dislike them! There, that makes two of us)

    Totally agree with you on the travel note! and about calvin and about garfield and about tom and jerry! 🙂


  6. i tagged u once but bad response..:(..so i stopped tagging you convined that it was worse than throwing a small rock at a bigger rock perched safely on a plain with whatsoever no chances of rolling anywhere…. :D….and yea i have three tags to do now :O


  7. Cudnt resist paying a vist to Mr/mrs Wikipedia …

    “Resistentialism is a theory in which inanimate objects display hostile desires towards human beings. ”

    This was an interesting one … 🙂

    So, here is that “Priya” opposing “tags” … i left to ur imagination which is what 😉

    another cute one Priya, from u…


  8. Loved this post! Somehow the use of “we” enhanced the effect – clever!

    About alarms and waking up: I heard that if you need an alarm to wake up, then you haven’t had enough sleep that night. I thought it make perfect sense. Accordingly, your “We need alarm to getup. Period” means that either you never get enough sleep, or no amount of sleep is enough. But I have a feeling you will agree to both 🙂 !

    Btw, how did you settle on the name “papdi” for your son, and are you still friends with Ms. Candy 😉 ?


  9. Krish Ashok – iyo, konchum thiruvaaya vechindu summa irukkela? dont ruin the chumma-kedandha-conch by oodhifying it…

    Nithya – ok, cycle gap le ennanamo solrenga.. its ok.. looks like I ruined the impression I’d maintained by not taking up tags.. will get back to re-building that image 🙂 and yes, me cant stand chocolates now.. donno why 😦

    Princess – er…did you see the last part where I have tagged you? 🙂 and I forgot to add the link to ‘son papdi’.. will do that now..


  10. RustyN – 🙂 Yes, I dislike them..hence the ‘tag-free zone’ from now on.. and I took up this tag becos of the Other Me 😉

    Mahendra – extremely the sorry..will correct the broken link..

    Nav – 🙂 Glad to have made someone smile.. did you change your home blog? what happened to the cookery blog?


  11. Sharan – Iyo, thappu panniten.. by taking this tag.. olunga samaththu ponnu madhiri ‘no tag’ maintain pannirkanum 😦 btw, did you just call me a big rock? (aka ‘fat’)? I dont take that lightly you know.. I’ll do dark magic on you and you’ll have to go to school..er..college (hehe) with a tail (like Dudley Dursley)

    Sarath – 🙂 thank you thank you.. yep, I already checked out your blog (which you’d mentioned in the previous post’s comment box).. good going man, keep ’em coming!

    Arun K – You know, I do get enough sleep.. and it is enough.. just that I need the alarm to wake up (that doesnt make any sense, but thats how I am..go figure!) 🙂 and very funny on the ‘son papdi’ bit.. i’ll update the link and then your comment wont make any sense… hahaha


  12. Given that you have written a great post, we will let the cranky you (and the “no tag” directive of that you), and concentrate on congratulating the other you’s.

    Now to post… Do you know that the violent comics like Calvin and Hobbes and Tom and Jerry are making the kids violent? So, keep it up 😉


  13. Appu – Hey!! I dont do anything thats image damaging! man, its tough having one of your childhood buddies reading your blog.. actually, it borders on dangerous!

    Sharanyan – er, what am I supposed to do now? (been a while since I went the HP side)

    Fleiger – what violence? more importantly, what kids?! 😉

    Manoj – Oh yeah, my mistake! More credit goes to them than to anyone else!


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