On jobs, xml, blog and thank you


Ever been through those times when your brain feels wrung out, squeezed off of all good things, lying dead and drab inside a head that feels equally pounded, say by an elf with a 2 ton hammer?

Been through a time when you have 101 windows opened up in your laptop and all of them are work-related? Like, not even a Google window where you’d think of weird things to search for, like all your colleagues’ names (and see what weirder things turn up in the results)?

Ever had this feeling that if you see one more line of code or one more compilation error you will seriously open the window behind you and defenestrate your laptop, even if it means you’ll lose your job (or maybe because you do want to lose your job)?

When everyone around you seems perfectly jobless while you, and you alone, have to slog and slog and slog as if the mere thought of you not working will cause the world to come to a ghastly end?

If you answered in the negative for the above, you’re missing something in life (‘coz after all, having a life isn’t the only thing about life, right?)! But if you know exactly what I’m talkin’ about, then God bless your poor soul and welcome to the club.

So why exactly am I rambling on and on about drained brains and the joy of working? It’s ‘coz when things like the above happen, one is ever so thankful for having a blog! The perfect stress-buster, the punching bag, the squeeze toy to relax your fingers and palms and the mushy little pillow to cry on. Where you can talk talk and talk and the world has no choice but to listen (and wisecrack, but let’s not go there) and sometimes the world talks back to comfort you or just to say ‘tough luck, bud, but I don’t feel sorry for ya ‘coz I’m worse off’.

I don’t have any special occasion on my blog right now, no 300 or 400th post, no anniversary, nothing. But for some strange reason I’m happy I blog. Happier that you read whatever I blog about.

So, thank you readers, for being there.

Thank you, dear blog, for being there.

And I will try my best not to get this mushy next time around. I blame it on the xml files and the database queries and the design documents and the central server that takes 20,000 years to open up one silly process definition and the source control tool that has more problems than a drowning man about to fall into the jaws of a hungry shark.

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About the image: Long time no picture on my blog. And I’m in the mood for a cool cat and who better than Garfield?!


15 thoughts on “On jobs, xml, blog and thank you

  1. nice description! i am happy i have a blog too! it has changed my life in several ways… guess i should say thank you too to my dear blog! 🙂


  2. First paragraph. Oh Yes. When one drinks the Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster, I am told that the effect on the head is very similar to the description in the first paragraph

    101 work related windows. Windows can handle that many? Mine crashes when I open 2 windows of minesweeper.

    And tough luck bud, but I don’t feel sorry for ya. I feel complete and utter pity instead muahahahaha. I browse and blog all day because that’s part of my job muahahaha (actually no, but it feels nice typing it all the same muahahaha). I even get special permission to browse blocked sites muahahaha.

    I am just kidding. But yeah, fully sympathize. Been there. After a few days of slogging, it all becomes daze and I start to ask existential questions like – “why am i doing this? what did i really learn etc”.

    And innaaadhu? xml, database, process controlaa? 101 windows confusionla, official email window contents by mishtake typed in blog windowa?


  3. Coming here is always refreshing. 😉 So thank you, many mega tons.
    And coincidence, coincidence- I spent my morning break Googling my friends names. It was brilliant fun. I did my own too. And got 10 results! Yay Yippee and all! I’m famous! 😉


  4. In a doc’ life, a Code is an american expression to drop the baby you were holding and cooing on to, not even turn around to hear its shocked protest, or forget to zip up your fly when tearing out of the incomplete bathroom, all in a (usually unsuccessful–except in ER, Gray’s Anatomy, Bollywood, etc.) crazed attempt to get the heart beating and the lungs pumped with lots of residual cigarette smoke in a patient for whom using the word ‘croaking’ is hyperbole.
    That said, this was an interesting blog, puppupup-Priya!
    Don’t mind me, I am just hypomanic on a Sunday morning!


  5. Aparna – As of now, no fee…later on when I become popular like Paris Hilton, my manager will be in touch with your about annual fees n all 😉 till then, ensoy!

    Priya Iyer – yes yes, please to say thanks to respective blogs. probably a very good reason why me is the still sane 😉

    Nithya – er..why not XML? 😉 I’m so busy busy busy that I’m actually lazy to click on some links and so some updates.. all you folks who moved to wordpress, please to write a script that will automaticaly update my blogroll! 😀

    Krish Ashok – the words ‘Im just kidding’ kinda prevented the heart attack I almost had.. thanku 🙂 its somehow more joy when someone else is in deeper crap than ourself – basic human tendency me thinks..


  6. Princess – Me thinks you and I have some cosmic connection..what with all these coincidences n all no? 🙂 and I’d die of boredom if it werent for Google..

    Doc – tell me, Doc, have you written about your typical day at the OR (or the ER?) I always wonder if things like in Grey’s Anatomy happen in real life 🙂 please to englighten non-meds like moi

    Mahenra – Pain brings out the poet/writer in us 🙂 and what bigger pain than the pain of earning our daily bread 😉

    Sharanyan – 🙂 you guys finis you college n then start working.. appo u will know.. and then I’ll come prancing around and say ‘I told you so!’ 😀

    Su – oh, absolutely! a perfect stress reliever.. and right at your fingertips! 🙂 me will go n check your post now..


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