Open Letter season

Dear Lady-who-sat-next-to-me-in-the-autorickshaw,

Nice perfume, but must you be swimming in it? For once, I didn’t mind those toxic exhaust fumes from the vehicles around.


Dear People-who-make-fun-of-Rajnikanth-and-‘Sivaji’,

I couldn’t care less, so shut it. There never was and never will be a bigger entertainer than him. And you know it.



Dear Folks-who-think-Harry-Potter-is-for-kids,

Grow up.

A Muggle born.


Dear Mr.Edward Lear,

I’m extremely sorry. For what? For this –

There was once a steel box on the table,
It was shiny, sleek and definitely very able.
But it only had rocks,
For ’twas just a box!
Moral? Nothing! This ain’t no Aesop’s fable!



Dear Missing-candle-at-home,


In the dark,


Dear Second-green-light-on-the-modem,

Stop blinking and stay put on green. I have a blog to update!



22 thoughts on “Open Letter season

  1. Dear Thotprocessor,
    My previous comment has unceremoniously been transferred to Spamistan. I request you to take action immediately and provide visa and asylum for aforementioned comment to permanently settle in Thotprocessistan.
    Yours Commentably,
    A Commenter


  2. On 1) Oh! I so hate the ‘Musk’ scent, the intensity can actually travel 2 miles!

    On 3) I don’t like harry potter and I think I’m enough grown and that’s why I dont like it 😉


  3. :).

    Loved the “And you know it” part at the end for #2.

    #3: My 6 year old happens to be into Harry Potter movies. Strange. Gets scared silly but still wants to see it again and again and again. Also, the guy is still in school till the end (i think?). Ok a special school, but he shows up in uniform, gets pushed around by teachers.

    Psychologically I can’t seem to overcome these two at my age. But thats my problem – as I know people older than me who are into HP. Nothing wrong. I know – it’s just me


  4. Agree entirely with you on the perfumes. But not quite with Rajnikanth and HP. The Lear and the candle are nice. The modem – well, you have put in words what so many would have wanted to convey (including me). Hope the modem understands 🙂


  5. Dear making- me – lol- with – your-posts-priya

    That was one awesome post….agreed totally with everything up there….a rats ass to everyone who hate the superstar..

    and another one to those who think hp is a child’s book…and as for the perfume..well said!!

    as for the limerick… 😛

    and modem stopped blinking i guess?? 😀

    yours totally-cheered-up



  6. Dear lady-who-travels-in-the-bus-along-with-me,
    Please do read, the post put up, on Priya’s blog page…When there are people, swimming in perfume, why don’t you try atleast sprinkling a few drops of rose water on yourself 😐 Why do you have to choke me to death, every day….Every evening is like a rebirth

    Yours “I-would-love-to-crush-your-feet” ly

    Dear people-who-love-Rajni-and Sivaji,
    Your vazhis are thani vazhis and my vazhi is thani vazhi…So lets not try criss-crossing. Opinions differ

    Yours “everything-is-hyped-up” ly

    Dear Folks-who-think-Harry-Potter-is-for-kids,

    Grow up.

    Yet another Muggle born

    Dear Ms Priya,
    I loved your limerick thoroughly

    Yours “Ah…I love your posts” ly,

    Dear Second-green-light-on-the-modem,

    Stop going kaput, whenever the cordless phone is picked up 😐

    Yours “thoroughly-bugged-with-BSNL” ly


  7. KrishAshok – Comment retrieved! 🙂

    Aparna – what?! you dont read HP?! o my god! :-O

    Arunk – 🙂 welcome to the blog! it’s tough explaining HP to a non-believer 😉 so I wont try. Reminds me of this time when my husband read a gist of all 7 books in some magazine and announced proudly that he’s read all 7 books!


  8. Sathej – 🙂 My modem and I have a love-hate relationship – I try to love it but it goes kaput once in a while forcing me to hate it..

    Sharanyan – The modem didnt blink at all! Me is thinking of posting an apology to the modem for offending its sensitivities (and lights) so it starts working again 😦

    Fleiger – you bet! 🙂 btw, I havent been to your blog yet, so I wdnt know.. made the big announcement yet?


  9. Princess – Alas, the colors change, but the problems remain! 😦 looks like mine’s going steady now.. touch wood!

    Nithya – same problems, eh? house house vaasapadi! 😉

    RustyN – 😦 Don’t ask me..I’ve been so busy with work and I hardly find time to update crap on this blog.. will get to it soon!


  10. That is a nice, refreshing post there, Priya!
    I would usually thunk a smartass comment for this (ripe for the pickings, y’know), but I have a blog to build. I have shiftedhere.
    Hope to see you around.


  11. Fleiger – Oh yes, the wordpress bug’s bitten quite a few bloggers of late.. and what ‘inspiration’ are you talkin’ about pls?

    Doc – You should’ve still thunk a smartass comment.. come back when your blog is all built 🙂


  12. Fab limerick. Glad to come by your blog through the Jalsa Jilpa one .

    P.S : Maybe the overwhelming perfume smell is better than godawful sweat smell. Sigh. Why can’t people smell themselves ?


  13. @ Priya : thanks for all the blog praise. thank you. thank you. thank you ( as thalaivar would say)
    Here’s to being Blog-Her buddies.
    *I’m just very kicked about using the word Blog-Her so i make excuses to include that in my sentences. I thought I was super witty to come up with it only to realize that it’s a major women’s blogger forum in the US. Bah


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