Not quite gone

Deafening silence.

One wishes for an undescribable voice (it’s deep, bassy, with a hint of a sore throat and/or a head cold – pretty undescribable) that would rip the silence into shreds.

But since I’m not very good at imitating God, I’m just gonna use my own sweet ~ahem ahem~ voice –

Tada! I’m back.

Will everyone please come out of their cozy places and sign the attendance register? Enough bunking my blog already! 


16 thoughts on “Not quite gone

  1. Hey!! Thats good.. All these days, I had been catching up with your posts (thanks to my vacation).
    My office has blocked blogs 😦
    Now stealing a peep at blogs on alternate proxy!! (hope this too doesnt go off!)


  2. Good to know that the breakitis has finished running its course. Welcome back…

    And I have taken inspiration from you. A big announcement coming up 😀


  3. hmmm…only 7 turn up in a class of..well, to be honest, 2. So yay! 🙂

    RustyN – oh! poor u! you shd probably quit if they wont let u work at work 😉

    Sathej – good to be back! 🙂

    Mahendra – teacher?!! how dare u! stand up on the bench! 😉

    Nithya – where is your assignment? present mattum sonna podhuma? 😉


  4. Sharanyan – WHAA?!!! and here I was thinking ‘teacher’ is bad and asking Mahendra to stand up on the bench! you, young man, stand outside the class..until further notice

    Prashanth – heh heh, I suggest you give up on the recuperation bit.. ain’t gonna happen.. 😉

    Fleiger – what announcement? 🙂 will go over to your blog n check that up in a jiffy..


  5. Hullo there,
    Wherever did you disappear off to? And will it make for blogging material?

    Her Royal Highness
    Princess Steffinovski Olga Aleksandra Dmitri Svetlana Galinov Anastasia Valdimir
    Of the Troffimov dynasty


  6. HRH Princess Stefania – A thousand apologies, your RH for my prolonged absence. Anything will make for blogging material – if one had the will..well, one wants to be in it 🙂

    Sharanyan – 😛 to you too.

    Doc – ‘Sup, doc? 🙂 Go right ahead and sign up. Blog author not responsible for lost sanity.

    Appu – nee enna vida mosama irukke! 😉


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