The M word

Even if you had gone ‘one tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor’ on Sunday night, you still wouldn’t have found this Monday as bad as it was for me today.

I had work to do! Can you believe it?! The utter unfairness of it all!

I could twist The Lord’s Prayer and ask the Almighty to ‘Give us this day our holiday. Do not bring us to a Monday, but deliver us from this evil day’ – but I have done enough sins already to last me another lifetime in you-know-where, so I refrain.


P.S: So what did you learn from this? I could be too busy to blog, but never ever busy enough to stop cribbing about a Monday. Ever. I mean, it’s a part of life, innit?


12 thoughts on “The M word

  1. Great to see a post after quite some time! Everyone has it starting from Swami in Swami and Friends to yours truly. Monday Morning sickness.

    PS : I learnt that it is difficult for you not to blog as it is difficult for us (atleast me) not to read it.



  2. No blues for me.

    Monday morning greens – if I overeat strangely spicy food on Sunday and get food poisoning OR if I come to office and
    find out my colleague has got a promotion

    Monday morning dark blues – when I find out that the reynolds ball pen I left in my shirt has stained the pocket area.

    Monday morning reds – the seething anger at all those other drivers on the road who wish to eve tease and molest my car by brushing against it all the time

    Monday morning #FFCC66 – the frustration of the graphic designer in my team who does not like web safe colours and insists on using colours that don’t display well on IE.


  3. Missed a lot of ur posts over the past months.. real good.. i likd confessions of a book lover very much!!! been too preoccupied am bac for good.. Deathly hallows s tomo cant wait!!


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