Not quite gone

Deafening silence.

One wishes for an undescribable voice (it’s deep, bassy, with a hint of a sore throat and/or a head cold – pretty undescribable) that would rip the silence into shreds.

But since I’m not very good at imitating God, I’m just gonna use my own sweet ~ahem ahem~ voice –

Tada! I’m back.

Will everyone please come out of their cozy places and sign the attendance register? Enough bunking my blog already! 

The M word

Even if you had gone ‘one tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor’ on Sunday night, you still wouldn’t have found this Monday as bad as it was for me today.

I had work to do! Can you believe it?! The utter unfairness of it all!

I could twist The Lord’s Prayer and ask the Almighty to ‘Give us this day our holiday. Do not bring us to a Monday, but deliver us from this evil day’ – but I have done enough sins already to last me another lifetime in you-know-where, so I refrain.


P.S: So what did you learn from this? I could be too busy to blog, but never ever busy enough to stop cribbing about a Monday. Ever. I mean, it’s a part of life, innit?

Leave letter

Respected Sir/Madam,

As I have lots of work at work, please grant me a few days leave from blogging.

Thanking you,

Yours obediently,

Now that the formalities have been completed, just a few words before I actually abscond from here –

(a) Please to take part in this competition to save our planet from the Tirunelveli-Tamil-speaking Alien. It is your moral obligation to lend your voices when needed, especially if it is to save our Earth (note the ‘your’, ‘your’ and ‘our’). Also win Himes moviee DVD.

(b) Please to go here and click on every link you see there. No, it’s not Google Ads, don’t worry. I’m just finding ways to keep you occupied in my much-awaited absence.

(c) Please to visit your nearest big theatre on July 13 and say hello to Harry Potter. (Note: Please to add spoiler alert when you tell the whole story on your blog.)

(d) Please to visit your nearest big bookstore on July 21 and get your copy of the Deathly Hallows. And then rush to the nearest DHL office and courier it to me, thank you.

(e) Please to return to this blog once in a while, er, ok, once in a really long while. Else I will have to take out my voodoo kit and trust me, you all look very cute as dolls. But not so cute as to stop me from pricking the doll(s) with a platinum-tipped, highly sharpened needle.

I’ll be right back…

Update: Before you people think I’m going away for good, hold on! You guys are not that lucky. What I actually meant was I won’t be regular with updating this blog or reading up on your respective blogs – so I don’t want you people to think I flew off to the moon or something (although that would be super cool!). I will put in an appearance once in a while, so get back to your praying. Tata!

Mind over matter

Snatches of technical conversation try to enter my brain, but fail miserably. An unseen acoustic barricade has been put up just before my ear and nothing can pass through, well, almost nothing. The room is nice and dark, with a subdued light emanating from the head of the room – just enough for me to see the words on the white screen. A dull monotone resonantes around me, lulling me into an undeniable, uncontrollable stupor. My eyelids dance on my eyes, a dance of power between the orbicularis muscle¹ and the levator muscle¹ – each getting contradictory messages from the brain, which evidently was not at it’s alert best.

The little bits of words that do manage to defeat the acoustics and enter my ear (and hence my brain) take on a different meaning. My mind plays witty tricks like completing the monotone’s sentences – “The other teams would be using our interfaces..”.. ‘with disasterous results’, completes my mind. I wonder if I said that aloud. The equally vacant expressions on the other faces in the room suggest not. It’s your mind, my mind tells me.

I hear a certain word multiple times – ‘middleware’. Not a good thing, for my mind wanders off into my wardrobe to pick out what to wear for the wedding the next weekend. Colors and patterns run through, forming a kaleidoscope with very high hypnotic proportions. Again, not good. I look at the speaker, seeing but not noticing, hearing but not listening. My mind does a random check once in a while to see if my eyes are indeed still open – fortunately, they are. Unfortunately, the yawns are bigger than what my lips can handle without opening up. My hand rushes to the rescue, and my poor chin finding my hand in the right place at the right moment, ends up resting itself on the hand.

And suddenly, as soon as it had started, the monotone ends. Chairs creak, legs hit the table, faces turn left and right, hoping to catch the one face that didn’t realize the distraction. ‘Any questions?’, the speaker asks. It’s a hopeless attempt, yes, but one that has to be made. A customary nod floats around the room signifying a very vehement no.

All’s well with the corporate world.

Heroes and Salman Khan

Caught during a routine channel-surfing episode –

Hero becomes a heroine!

So, am I going to watch the movie? Nope. The last Salman Khan movie I saw was ‘Qayamat se Qayamat tak‘ 😉

Update: The name of the movie is ‘Marigold‘. Enough reason why all 15-20 frames they showed in the trailer were drenched with orange. And there’s at least one scene where Salman teaches Larter hindi. Enough said. Especially by someone who doesn’t want to watch the darn movie!

Books books everywhere!

I’ve been tagged to write about books. I could write a hundred analogies like ‘its like asking an Eskimo to talk about ice’ and ‘its like asking Himmesh Reshammiya to talk about caps and nasal singing’ or ‘its like asking Imelda Marcos to talk about shoes’, but I think you guys get the picture, no? Enough said! 

1. Books that Changed Your Life
The Fountainhead, Ayn Rand
Shantaram, Gregory David Roberts
The Alchemist, Paulo Coelho
Kafka on the shore, Haruki Murakami
Veronika decides to die, Paulo Coelho
(in that order)
When I say ‘changed’ what I mean is they changed the way I looked at things, my perspective and my priorities. They also taught me to dream a Utopian dream and still have a hope that some day it will ring true.

2.A Book that I have read more than once
The Fountainhead (Ayn Rand)
Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (J.K.Rowling)
Selected poems of John Keats
Homicidal Psycho Jungle Cat (Bill Watterson)

3. A Book You’d Take onto a Desert Island (I’m guessing it’s ‘deserted’ island ‘coz desert island doesn’t make a lot of sense now, does it?)
The Calvin and Hobbes complete boxed version
The first 5 Harry Potter books (not the 6th, no)
(in that order)

4. Books That Made You Laugh
(no particular order)
The Amulet of Samarkhand, Golem’s Eye (Jonathan Stroud)
Calvin and Hobbes (Bill Watterson)
The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (Douglas Adams)

5. Books That Made You Cry
We the living (Ayn Rand)
We the living (Ayn Rand)
We the living (Ayn Rand)
Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince (J.K.Rowling)

6. A Book You Wish Had Been Written
(I’m gonna take it as ‘books’ instead of ‘book’)
‘Workplace etiquette for Dummies’
‘Table manners for Dummies’
‘English Pronunciation for Moronic-Dummies’
You get the drift? 😉

7. Books You Wish Had Never Been Written
None. Books have to be written. Remember, they are humanity in print. Saying some books should never be written is like saying some races should never be born.

8. Books You’re Currently Reading
Lolita (Vladimir Nabokov)
The Zahir (Paulo Coelho)
The Bancroft Strategy (Robert Ludlum)
The complete works of Kahlil Gibran (Kahlil Gibran)
I was out of bookmarks, so didn’t pick another new one! 🙂

9. Books You’ve Been Meaning To Read
Yet to read

My name is Red (Orhan Phamuk)
Selected Short stories (Franz Kafka)
City of Joy (Dominic Lapierre)
The inheritance of loss (Kiran Desai) – started, gave up, started, gave up, might start again 😦
The Historian (Elizabeth Kostova)
God’s Debris (Scott Adams)

Yet to buy/beg/borrow/steal (!!)
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (JKR) countdown time!
The Reluctant Fundamentalist (Mohsin Hamid)
The Wind Up Bird Chronicles (Haruki Murakami)
Curious Lives (Richard Bach)
The Phantom Tollbooth (Norton Juster)
The Witch of Portobello (Paulo Coelho)
Black Swan Green, Cloud Atlas (David Mitchell)
Three men in a boat (Jerome K.Jerome)
…to name a very few!

Thanks for the tag, Nithya!

And I tag anyone who’s as crazy about books as I am.

The Last Time

He had loved her. She was conscious of the past tense every time that sentence came up. Had loved her. She doubted if there was any left now. She had always believed that a heart that loved cannot hate. If hate comes in, love tiptoes away. Unheard, unseen, but felt by the heart. But she stayed on because she still loved him. Inspite of everything, she did. And she truly believed that love conquers all and giving up was not something she could ever do. But today, she was also conscious of the foreboding in her heart that something was to go wrong. Very wrong.

Read more…